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Fushimi Rio
crissof nm pls:)

Flow - remember
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okay closing up for now (didn't expect much req at first x_x)

already finish 3 request and will get to some later
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just opening up for gd/hitsounding req so no modding request (this is due to me not finish looking up above)
ScubDomino lets try it
need an advanced cus hard is currently rly dense
- Frontier -
Hitsound advice please :D

Poppin'Party - Natsuzora SUN! SUN! SEVEN!

Thank you! :D
hi hitsounding request please
(i would've asked for an insane GD but I don't have any ranked mapset yet :/)
Hello, i don't need full mod, just ur opinion if u can
Thank u
yo Hailie~
hitsound req

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i guess i should had made it clear that having a rank map was also require for hitsounding ^^'
basically because its more likely the set will grave and don't wanna waste too much time

still open btw (i'll pm anyone who i accept)
hey nm req

just focus on Insane and Easy diff

nm req

NARUTO Shippuden

Hello there!
thats hs request. it will need some custom sounds i think, but theres a simple beat and its 1:10 :^)
let me try (I need hard diff - 3.2~3.3*), thanks : >
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okay closing and i'll pm within 1-3 days

also this was only open for gd/hs req as said in the other post so not accepting none of them
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ok i died for a month so sorry for request i haven't gotten to (if u still need a gd/hs just try to poke me..)
I had ran out of motivation to do anything osu related aside from mapping but I need activity really soon so Open for Normal Mods

will do at least 3 maybe more if i get in the right mood

I only want to mod maps from mappers that genuinely want help
I don't want mappers who just want filler mods and will likely deny everything i suggest or most of it without consideration or good reasoning

I also only want semi inexperience mappers who has little to none ranked maps or new mappers only
here's a NM request, thanks!
big chungus
Thank you !

If you choose to mod this, please ignore the hard unless looking at it specifically for rhythm choice.
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