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Do Key Switches Make a Difference?

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So, uh, I have this really old 1998 Apple Keyboard (it was the only thing I could find), and I've been thinking of upgrading my keyboard. I was wondering if key switches really do make a difference in taiko gameplay, and if so, if it's worth to get an entirely new keyboard just for it's mechanical keys. I have heard that the type of key switches solely depend on personal preference, so I think it's not worth asking that question lol.

(also yes i know im like a noob player but my keyboard sucks lmao)
I recently went from a pretty standard membrane keyboard to a mechanical one with cherry brown switches. It's not a super drastic difference and it didn't instantly make me better but I can say it's much better to play with, feels more responsive (as in, i can differentiate each keystroke more distinctly) and i think improved my accuracy a bit? (might just be that i'm playing more xd).

In the end people could achieve anything with any keyboard it doesn't make that huge a difference but I thought my mech kb was well worth the money and improved my gameplay experience. Altho if the keyboard is really from 1998 i'd be worried about it working properly for much longer haha.
I bought a mechanical keyboard just to play taiko and I must say I'm very satisfied with it. I used to play with membrane keyboard, but it hurts my finger when I play on higher bpm. I have a cheap external membrane keyboard to play back then and I've broken at least 12 buttons on it. In the end, It's all up to your preference.
For me. Yes! 100%. The difference going from linear to clicky is huge. The feedback I get from the bump and click significantly improves my timing and accuracy. It's very difficult for me to maintain 95%+ with mx red. But with mx blue (equivalent as I use kailh box jade), 98%+ accuracy is easy.
Well.... Shinchikuhome got to #2 global with a generic office keyboard xd
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