Ingame Overlay of RealTimePPDisplayer(Compatible mode is supported)

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The original topics of this plugin is
Now, this plugin is maintained by me.

Latest Version: 0.3.2
OSU! Version: Stable
Supported Graphics API: OpenGL,OpenGL ES(Compatible mode)


- No randomly reset position to center.
- The font was antialiasing while rendering.
- Support for line breaks.
- Support Display when break time. (0.2.4 after)
- Compatibility mode is supported. (0.3.0 after)

Known issue:
  1. No

Note: This version requires Sync2.18 and ConfigGUI plugin.

It's now based on mmf, you can use the "OsuLiveStatusPanel" plugin for more information.
Mods: DT
Enable Mods Changed At Listening (OsuRTDataProvider) : True

How to install
  1. Follow this thread, download 'Realtime PP Displayer'
  2. Install ConfigGui, type "plugins install configgui" in Sync2.18.(If you have problems that cannot be saved. Download this version)
  3. Install IngameOverlay, type "plugins install overlay", or download it from github and Extract to the Sync directory.
  4. Find OutputMethods and change value to mmf or mmf-split. If you using multi-way to output, use ',' to split them.
    e.g : OutputMethods=wpf,mmf
  5. Save config, and open 'Sync.exe', If you complete follow steps, it will show a EUAL like :
  6. Make sure you are not running osu!. To accept eual, type 'o i' and press 'enter' to allow us inject to osu!.
  7. If you accept, will recive this tip, now open osu!. In Sync, will recive this tips when inject success.
  8. type "config" in sync. The configuration window will open. Now find RealTimePPIngameOverlay > OverlayConfig.
  9. Click "Open Editor" button, Open the overlay edit window. Click "New" Button.
  10. If everything is ok, a black square will appear in Osu!.
  11. Back to Overlay Editor.Enter "rtpp" in the MMF Name. (MMF = Memory Mapping File)

How to use?

If you need non-latin text. You need to set "Glyph ranges" to the range you want.

If you use OBS to capture OSU, the overlay will flash. But you can check "Capture third-party overlays" to make the capture work.

Update Note

If your Sync has an early IngameOverlay plugin (0.1.0~0.2.0), please remove the previous version.
Then rename "RealtimePPIngameOverlay.OverlayConfig" to "IngameOverlay.OverlayConfig" in Config.ini

o i - accept EUAL and start Injector
o osu - start osu! with overlay(need to set "Osu! game path")

It will inject to osu!(Like Steam's overlay or FARPS's fps counter) and render additional texts.

  1. Fix crash when changing mmf name.
  2. Empty the window when exiting.

  1. Built-in Loader, remove Loader.exe
  2. Clean up the overlay code

  1. Overlay using Rust rewrite.
  2. Compatibility mode is supported.

  1. Add "Break Time" option. (Displayed when Break Time.)

  1. Adapt OsuRTDataProvider 1.4.3

- v0.2.2
  1. Fix bug (

- v0.2.1
  1. Rename RealTimePPIngameOverlay to IngameOverlay
  2. Fix crash when clicking "Select Font" button
  3. Fix Chinese in Glyph ranges
  4. Fix each font can only have one size
  5. Add "font scale" option

Other links
Sync repo:
RealTimePPDisplayer repo:
IngameOverlay Plugin repo:
OsuLiveStatusPanel Plugin repo:
I have followed all the instructions, but instead of PP counter I see only black 2 squares (1 for rtpp and 1 for rtpp-pp)
Edit: Problem looks like have been solved after a few osu (and osusync) restarts. Idk why...
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