[Collab] Various Artists - Streams Compilation

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[MTF] Wolfette
Map Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/801904

Song list:

Intro - Boogie: xiqingwa
00:51:078 - Shun No Shifudo: OPEN
01:59:078 - Ultima Weapon: OPEN
02:44:873 - Bangin' Burst: MinNin
04:14:626 - Speed Of Link: Ibroko
05:01:139 - K.Y.A.F.A: OPEN
06:04:570 - Defenders: OPEN
07:14:070 - Maniera: OPEN
08:11:840 - Emerald Sword: Zozimoto
08:54:978 - Soulless 4: OPEN
10:49:841 - Shut Down Everything: OPEN
11:35:061 - Ange Du Blanc Pur: NotABox
13:15:848 - ??? Shoutout To Zozimoto

CS: 3.6
AR: 9.1
OD: 7.4
HP: 6

These are the difficulty settings for the map, do not change them in your diff.

Submit your part as separate diff (in .osu form) with this syntax "[Song(s)] | [Username]"

I'll also do mania collab if there's demand for it
Could I do Bangin' Burst?
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[MTF] Wolfette

MinNin wrote:

Could I do Bangin' Burst?

[MTF] Wolfette wrote:

MinNin wrote:

Could I do Bangin' Burst?
thank you!
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[MTF] Wolfette
Just make sure it’s serviceable :P

I got a jumps compilation part that didn’t fit the song too well last time I did one of these.

I’m sure you’ll do fine tho
didn't you say you were gonna reserve emerald sword for me lul
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