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The osu!mania Competitive Compendium Project

  1. What in the world is this project?

    This is a collaborative effort osu!mania Tournaments Project. The main gist and focus of this project is to revive the osu!mania tournaments scene by using a point system to reward players. The point system is based on your relative performance on all your matches, and your overall progress in a tournament. The Top players on the o!mCC leaderboard will be invited to the o!mCC Annual Tournament that will be hosted after every yearly cycle.

  2. Why do we need this?

    Simply put, the tournament scene in osu!mania is pretty stale and deserted. There are yearly tournaments that come and go but once they do, players are left without a tournament for months. This is where the project comes in to encourage more tournaments to be hosted.

  3. How does the point system work? Do any random osu!mania tournament get to be selected for this point system?

    The point system is illustrated on this spreadsheet. Points reset after every yearly cycle. If you do not understand it, no need to worry. You can give us more detailed questions in the discord server (click the banner to join!).

    Also, not all osu!mania tournaments are eligible for this system. First, the tournament has to be a 1v1 community tournament, and then has to be screened by the Cabinet crew.

  4. Cabinet crew? What is that?

    The Cabinet crew is made up of some notable osu!mania tournament players/staff that help run this project, make amendments, and search and approve tournaments. The current staff looks like this:

    Raveille - Head Organizer
    itsjake - Logistics Head
    WalterToro - Logistics Head
    Kamikaze - Logistics Head
    SurfChu85 - Head Statistician
    Adri - Head Developer (Bot & Webpage)
    juankristal - Head Developer
    Kasumii-sama - Quality Assurance
    Sinaeb - Quality Assurance
    Minisora - Quality Assurance
    nonamegohst - Tourney Watcher
    Valelup - Head Designer

  5. Can I join the Cabinet crew? If not, what am I able to do to help in this project?

    We will only select players to join the Cabinet crew as we see fit (mostly experienced tournament hosts/staff members but we can try to keep it broad). If you don't think that you are up to the task of being a member of the Cabinet, but you still want to help this project flourish, do not hesitate to ping us and provide criticism or feedback to either the point system or other queries you may have.

  6. There are bigger and smaller tournaments in the osu!mania community, how are points going to be judged fairly?

    We have come up with a tier system for various sized tournaments.

    The higher quality version of this image can be found in the discord server.

Do note that the server is not just for osu!mania Competitive Compendium happenings only. If you happen to be a mapper for a tournament, or you are keen in mapping for tournaments, do ping the Cabinet crew and we can give you a Tournament Mapper role to join an exclusive channel to share maps around for map-picking usage.

If you are a tournament staff or host of any kind, do also ping us and we can give you a Tournament Staff or Tournament Host role to join an exclusive channel to discuss about tournament happenings, schedules and creations.
Status: Season 1 is underway! Join the Discord server for more information!
[ Pyro ]
Amazing idea. Can't wait for this to take action.
I also thought that that this was a problem to so i'm happy to see this happening
I'm not sure if I just went full retard, but I've read through this post 3x now and I don't understand one bit what it is about.
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