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I imagined this feature for those who want to play with their friends even if they don't play the same gamemode.

How to establish the ranking

If they don't play the same gamemode, logically, their scores won't be comparable because the scoring systems aren't the same. Obviously, we can use accuracy win condition, but with Combo and Score, it's better. So, to rank each player, we're not gonna take their raw score, but see how close they are of the max score they can do. Same for combo.
Just with this calculation :

Player score/Max score
The result will be between 0 and 1. So, we just have to rank players using the result of their fraction.

In game, It can be a bit "ugly" to display this fraction in the left-side ranking, so let's just display only combo and accuracy.

I hope you like it ! /o/
This was my idea... I wrote this first...

SpeckyYT wrote:

This was my idea... I wrote this first...
I didn't read it (but I see you've copied my title, I wouldn't have created a topic with the same title o/, but we don't care) and we can see they're not the same. You're idea wasn't complete, because the principle of multiplayer is the competition between players. Without it, the mp loses its meaning, and you didn't explain how to rank players, as I did. You're idea is the same as mine, but it add a notion of randomness. So, It wasn't you're idea, and you're idea wasn't the mine neither.
EDIT : I just remembered you're title was something like "Multiplayer/match idea", so you got some nerve saying I stole your idea after stealing my topic title..
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