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Current Priority: +0
I got an idea, (I wrote this in Q/A so it's maybe easier to understand)

"Party" mode (or something like that).

Q: What can I do to active it?

A: You create a new multiplayer room, you enable the "Party" option ("Party" is a random name for now).

Q: What happens?

A: When this mode is active, before the map begins, everyone gets a "card", they click on that to flip the "card" and on it there is one of the Osu! gamemodes.

Q: And what happens next?

A: You MUST play with that gamemode (you can't change it).

Q: How does it work with replays?

A: When the map is finished you can download the replays and it would be intersting to see the map in all gamemodes.

Q: What should this "mode" help?

A: This "Mode" is for learn/practice all the gamemodes (and for fun)!

Sounds like a decent idea?
The replays to add are optional...
"Party" ? Osu! is now a Role Playing Game ?
"Card" ? Osu! is now a Card Game ?
\( ' - ' )/
Card game, actually.... Got an other "good" idea....
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