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Welcome to On My Way: Battle Royale Elimination Chamber!

This tournament has a format of 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 (at least at the beginning of each match).

Players are REQUIRED to join the public discord ( https://discord.gg/PS25mT2 ) so that they are contactable by other players and staff, as well as to see any additional info. If a player can’t be contacted or is not responding to messages, through discord, in-game messages or forum private messages, contact the staff.

Registrations will last until 10th July 2018 and the first match will occur on the 13th July 2018.

Please note that this is the first tournament organized by us with such style, so there may be some things we have not looked fully into.

Additionally, this tournament is for players who have a rank between 5000 and 20000.

Registration link : https://goo.gl/forms/WzkMpnuZUafkLort1




The winner of the whole tournament can choose between 4 months of osu!supporter or $12 on PayPal.
Prize pool may increase during the tournament.


Tournament Hosts: przepson, mjozog3, raikiri311
Stream: raikiri311, HiPat
Referees: przepson, mjozog3, raikiri311, Kajcio, HiPat
Today we just added groups and participans

Maybe we have chance for stream, but I do not promise
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