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Vietnam Absolute Duo Tournament 2018 [2v2]

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Welcome to Vietnam Absolute Duo Tournament

This tournament is created to replace Osu Vietnam Cup 4 (OVNC4) because the last tournament did not have a forum so now i'm changing the format.

  1. Game mode: Osu!Standard.
  2. Format: 2v2, Double Elimination.
  3. Rank range: None.
  4. Size: 64 Teams.
  5. Both players in your team must be able to speak Vietnamese.
  6. Discord is required and each team must have at least 1 player in the server.

  1. Register: Here
  2. Player List: Here
  3. Matches: Here
  4. Discord Link: Here
  5. Mappool:Here
  6. Stream:Here (Stream will be available from the Quarter Final onwards)

Sign-ups Start: July 2nd

Sign-ups End: August 26th

Group Stage Start : September 1st

  1. Maps will be played on Score v2 and Team vs .
  2. All stage will have 5 No Mod, 3 Hard Rock, 3 Double Time, 3 Hidden, 3 Free mod and 1 Tiebreaker
  3. There will be 5 mappool sets in total. The Group stage and Round of 64 will use the first set of mappool. The Round of 32 and Round of 16 will use the second set of mappool. The Quarter final will use the third set of mappool. The Semi final will use the fourth set of mappool. The Final and Grand Final will use the last set of mappool.
  4. 1 ban per player, per match.
  5. Group stage and Round of 64 will be Best of 5. Round of 32 and Round of 16 will be Best of 7. Quarter final will be Best of 9. Semi final will be Best of 11. Final and Grand Final will be Best of 13.
  6. Warm up is not available until the Quarter final stage. Each team may have 1 warm up map. Warm up maps must be shorter than 5 minutes.
  7. On Free mod map, all player must pick atleast 1 mod. Available mods: Easy, Hard Rock, Hidden, Flashlight.
  8. On Tiebreaker, Players can choose to pick nomod or pick mod(s).
  9. Fail score will not be counted.
  10. At the beginning of the match, 1 player of each team must use "!roll" command. The player has the lower score will have the Ban phase first and The team has the higher score has the Pick phase first.
  11. If a player disconnects during the middle of a map and 30 seconds has not passed then the map will be redone. Otherwise, if the player leaves or disconnects after more than 30 seconds has passed, then the point goes to the player who is still in the lobby.
  12. If one player of the team did not show up, The other team can choose to take the win or reschedule.

First Place: 6 months of Osu! supporter for each player.

Congratulation to: Flaven & saoie

Second Place: 2 months of Osu! supporter for each player.

Congratulation to: Erylie & Liyuchi

Third Place: 1 month of Osu! supporter for each player.

Congratulation to: Ok xd & SkyArrow

Nice xD
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Rule changed. Now anyone who is Vietnamese but has different country flag will be able to register for the tournament.
when will the mappool release ?
wep hope đờm cumback for win xd
go :)
Nao Kamiya
what if I'm Vietnamese but from Canada :thonking:
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If you can speak Vietnamese then it's fine because the staff will speak vietnamese 90% of the time.
Both commentators are also participants. :thinking:
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Commentators are not considered as staff members so they're free to join.
Ok, where can i watch the tournament, YouTube, Twitch or Facebook?
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i will update the stream site asap
Serenity Story
:v round 64's map pool so hard :v
Wanna play but have no friend or someone to play with :(
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