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I recently changed to a larger tablet and was wondering if my area was too small. I am using the same area on my new Xp-pen G640 as i did on my Huion 420 (which i found out was 89.5mm x 50.34mm) My friend who is a lot better at the game than me recommended that i try to get used to a bigger area, but i am already used to and comfortable playing with my current area. It is worth using a bigger area or it is fine to stick with the one that i have?
Soo bin
I reckon only increase your area if YOU feel like your area is too small such that you notice micro adjustments in your aim will cause you to miss. I've recently increased my area to 70mm x 45mm (still smaller than your current one) because my previous area limited my ability to hit cs5+ notes which is important for learning HR.
i have no idea what sens to play at tbh
big area = big consistency
Area is preference but a larger area means you are more precise, but its hard to make big jumps. Small area means jumps are easier but you are less precise.
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