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My map (I only have one):

- 4k Mania m4m

- Must be in modding v2

- Don't expect a lot or high quality suggestions.

- I will probably finish modding your map after 1-7 days after you mod my map or 2-8 days if you didn't mod my map yet.

- You can request a ctb map as long as you know how to mod my mania map.


Why did you make a m4m queue instead of searching from the other queues if they can m4m? I'm too lazy.

Not much people will come to ask for m4m here, you're only giving one map for option. You know that right?
That's the point. But at least Im giving some opportunity for a few mania&ctb people as mention my special above. (IF they ever find this forum haha)

- I prefer you mod my map first, but that really doesn't matter, I might mod yours first in some cases.

- Do not request two maps at a time or the same map later.

- Any genre, star rating or graveyard intended doesn't matter.

- As for length: (This will change as soon as I finish the current map Im working on)
6:00 mins and above is a no go.
Between 4:00-5:59 mins, I will only mod one difficulty.
Between 2:30-3:59 mins, I will mod 2-3 difficulties.
Between 1:00-2:29 mins, I can mod 2-4 difficulties.
Below 0:59, I can mod 2-5 difficulties.
If you do not choose the difficulties, I will mod randomly.

Please use format

Beatmap link:
Mode: Mania or Ctb

Don't write these in format if you don't need mods for hitsounds or if it's in english. (Default)
Hitsounds (Optional): Yes/No
Language (Optional): French/English (I'm Comfortable with both)
Beatmap link: https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/784131#mania/1646399
Lenght: 5:21
Difficulties: there's only one
Mode: Mania

Hitsounds (Optional): don't have any, some custom hitsound sample suggestions would be nice though
Language (Optional): you can do it in french if that's what you're more comfortable with, but I'll respond in english
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