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The weather. It's way too fucking hot.
Raisha Millenia
my shitty photoshop keep crashes
I forgot my earphones
Seems like some people only care about themselves and force others to keep up appearances for them. Geez, if you tell me to give up the only things I'm interested to play 'family' with you then don't you dare wonder why I'm not passionate about anything I do with life. Wasted potential my ass.
My mother keeps assuming that I get bored staying indoors all day.

What part of ''No, I'm okay staying in'' does she not understand? I'll go outside when I want to go outside. Don't bloody force me to do it.
11 hour work shifts, and 1 hour bike rides to there. ):
13 hours well wasted kthnxgonnasleep
My super secret awesome package i ordered a while ago is being delayed. because purolator wants to be a cunt and not input addresses properly, making me wait ANOTHER DAY OUT OF NEARLY A MONTH I BEEN SAT HERE WAITING FOR THIS SHIT. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Raisha Millenia
My cat pee'd on my sheet
every seasoned LLSIF player knows to disable notifications when playing... I was doing Nico Puri on EX earlier and was 3/4 of the way through with a FC (so far lol) and then the people in a group chat that I'm in suddenly spams me up the ass, causing my game to lag like a bitch and make me end up getting a C combo. never going to "not turn off my notifications just for one song" ever again
>be me
>play CSGO
>first match of the day
>other team has a cheater, lose Elo
>second match, playing with a team
>strat caller makes shit strats, other team has 3 smurfs, lose Elo
My lazyness and lack of will
After I realize that I cannot be myself to be welcomed in society. I feel stuck, hopeless, and angry.
it's so damn infuriating to try and explain something to someone who is too ignorant to listen
Myself as always
We are the source of our problems :/
A Medic
I can't decide on which wordpress theme I need to use for this site I'm building for some people. They insist to use wordpress and wp makes me cry.
Shitty Internet...

It's been like "Request Timed Out" almost everytime I'm browsing since a week ago... and I just renewed my subscription in exactly a week ago too
I just hoping It's the IP that has some technical problem somewhere, not because of the climate/weather...
getting out of bed
the worst
Lazy coworkers calling sick at work this morning, and relaying all their work to me.
The bus not turning up, which meant I would have been 30 mins late to my society meeting tonight. Didn't end up going in the end 'coz it was too late. *heaves angrily through nostrils*
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