[osu! Std] Summer Tranquility osu! Tournament [2v2] [50K-20K] [REGS CLOSED]

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Summer Tranquility osu! Tournament

Slots Taken: 64/64 (Updated July 20)

Discord (Mandatory)|Bracket|Spreadsheets

  1. This is an international, Score v2, 2v2 osu! Standard tournament
  2. The rank bracket for this tournament is 50K-20K Worldwide. You must meet this threshold upon signup, however after signing up, you will be allowed a 1,000 rank maximum deviation from this limit. Anything past that will remove you from the tournament immediately.
  3. There will be a maximum of 64 Teams. Only the highest ranked teams by PP will participate in the event of an overflow.
  4. This will be a double elimination tournament, meaning teams that are eliminated will proceed to the losers bracket. The winner of the losers bracket will proceed to face the finalists of the winners’ bracket.
  5. There is not a group stage or qualifier's bracket.
  6. Players will need to have a maximum skill level of passing a 5.4-5.8 star map. Most maps will be at least 4.5 stars.
  7. Every match will be best of five, until the semi-finals, where the matches will be best of seven.
  8. There will be a warm up before every match, each team may pick one song. If both teammates fail on a warm up map, that map is over and the host will either be passed over to the other team, or the tournament will start. Either team can opt to skip a warm up if they prefer. The warm up may not be longer than 5:00, and must be a map with Ranked or Approved status only.
  9. Joining and remaining in the Discord server is a mandatory requirement for participation. Do not leave until after the tournament is finished, or else you risk disqualification.

Rough Beginning Schedule:
  1. Player Signups Begin: June 27th, 2018
  2. Player Signups End: July 20th, 2018.
  3. Seeding Ended, bracket released: July 20th, 2018.
  4. First matches begin: August 11th

Who doesn't love prizes right?
  1. The winning team will receive one year of osu! supporter between the two teammates.
  2. The runner-ups, AKA 2nd place, will receive six months of osu! supporter between the two teammates.
  3. Finally, the third place team will be awarded two months of osu! supporter between the two teammates.

Paste the following format into the Discord's #team-signups chat channel with nothing else:
Team Name: <Team Name>

Participants: <osu! Username AND RANK of Captain>, <Player 2 and PLAYER 2’S RANK>

Combined PP: <sum of both your PP’s added together>

Country: <Country or Countries>

Time Zone: <+/- both players' local time in UTC> (Example: UTC +5, UTC -2)

More information can be found in this Google Doc!
A tournament host who doesn't claim the first reply???????

lol im fricked

GoldenPvp wrote:

lol im fricked
no me
Stupid Idiot
Score v1 or v2? :roll:

Espalza wrote:

Score v1 or v2? :roll:
It's ScoreV2, read this google docs page for more information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OKWhFsD_U9kTJgpTL1DeF3cnhRhdinmZebtAo1MMCas/edit
accept me
still open xd
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Ten slots remaining!
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Three slots remaining guys!!
one slot left owo
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