PYOP 2 [std | 10k-25k+ | 1v1] [Reg. Closed]

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Pick Your Own Pool Tournament

Discord | Bracket | Mappools | Schedule

General Rules

  1. 10k-25k rank limit. Players below rank 25k may still sign up, but they might be bumped if enough players inside the range register.
  2. Maximum 32 player Double Elimination seeded by global rank
  3. The tournament will use ScoreV1, 1v1 Head-to-head
  4. Matches will be scheduled for weekends. If you lose a winners bracket match, you will play your losers bracket match the next day.
  5. Each player chooses maps to create their own mappools
  6. Pick maps from your opponent's pool
  7. No bans
  8. Matches are played to bo6/8/10 depending on the stage. In the case of a tie, the winner of the match will be determined by a higher SUM((PlayerScore * PlayerAccuracy) / (OpponentScore * OpponentAccuracy)) for each played map
  1. 3 NoMod, 2 HD, HR, DT, and FreeMod (Total 11 maps) per player
  2. Players will select maps for their pool each week
  3. You may use the same map in multiple weeks as long as it still meets star requirements
  4. If a map doesn't meet the requirements, you will have a chance to pick a new map
  5. Each map must be between 1 and 5 minutes drain time
  6. The total drain for the whole pool must be between 20 and 35 minutes
  7. Star limits for maps are:
    1. Round of 32: 4.40-4.80 stars
    2. Round of 16: 4.60-5.10 stars
    3. Round of 8: 4.80-5.40 stars
    4. Semifinals: 5.00-5.70 stars
    5. Finals: 5.20-6.00 stars
  8. Maps must be of rankable quality
  9. Maps requiring the use of storyboard or special skins will be rejected
  10. Staff reserve the right to reject a map if it is inappropriate for tournament play

Registration ends: July 20th (Friday) or when 32 players have registered.
Round of 32: July 28-29
Round of 16: August 4-5
Round of 8: August 11-12
Semifinals: August 18-19
Bracket Finals and Grand Finals: August 25-26

These dates are the latest each round could happen. If enough players register quickly, the schedule could be moved a few weeks earlier.
Signup Instructions

32 players have registered. Registration is now closed.
Max number of players is 32.
In order to play in the tournament, you must be below rank 10k when registration ends.

Registration Update: More than 32 players have now signed up including those within the rank range and below it, at this point it is unlikely you will be able to play in the tournament if you are below rank 25k. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in the tournament, hopefully I will be able to accommodate more players next time.
There are still some spaces remaining for players within the rank range.

To register for the tournament, please respond to this thread with the following:

UTC +/-#

Other notes or comments

You also need to join the tournament discord at and change your nickname on the server to match your osu username.

1st place will receive 2 months' supporter
2nd place will receive 1 months' supporter
3rd place will receive 1 months' supporter

No badge is currently planned for this tournament.
Prizes are still subject to change.

Thanks to Lew for offering to sponsor 3rd place prizes
Host: Malikil
Admins: [ Scarlet Red ] | tigereyes144
Map Approval: [ Scarlet Red ] | FlamingRok | Hiicantpk | makisokk
Referees: [ Scarlet Red ] | 112servis | FlamingRok | Hiicantpk | Kasumii-sama | makisokk | tigereyes144
Commentary: [ Scarlet Red ] | AmateurMonkeyYT | FlamingRok | Marisa Kirisame | Morfeusz
Stream: [ Scarlet Red ] | Malikil

Map approvers and admins may not play in the tournament. Match referees, streamers, and commentators are allowed to play.

If you're interested in helping out as staff, please fill out this form.
I wish i could play this again :C
Hype! (I'm hoping for a meme onslaught...)
Oh yeah, I'm gonna try to sign up too even though my rank doesn't show that I'm overly capable.

Username: AmateurMonkeyYT

Rank: 102k

Timezone: UTC+10

Other notes: I might be a 6 digit player, but I am still capable of stomping some 20k-25k players, and have won most of my tournament matches against 40k-80k players. I can pass some 6* maps and most 5* maps. I can also fc 4* and nearly 5* maps.
Username: clockedindustry
Rank: 124,139
UTC -4

Never participated in a tournament before, my rank is bad but hopefully I can get in.
decayed at the perfect time for round 2
Username: Origuon
Rank: #20 866
UTC +/-# 1

Other notes or comments
Stupid Idiot
More cancer pools!
Username: Qileon-
Rank: #21,744
UTC: +3
Username: Sukiye
Rank: 10.9K
UTC +2

I will let the staff know if I can't attend one of my matches.
Username: xHei_57
Rank: 11828
Utc: -6
Username: DoranBlyat

Rank: 28k

UTC +/-: +1
Username: Sluouf
Rank: 23,136
UTC +2
Username: [Lucky]
Rank: #10230
UTC +2

Other notes or comments

Rank: 22,433

UTC -8
Username: VnSoul
Rank: 10352
UTC +2
Username: _p0ke_
Rank: #19,854
UTC -4
Username: Dirty_We

Rank: 84,292

UTC -4

I'm a bit overranked so my actual rank is about 34K or so, at least that's what others say
Username: Fallexs

Rank: #114386

UTC: -6

Other notes or comments: I am a really good osu player and you might think I have a high rank but I will really surprise you at my skill. Please consider me. You won't believe what I'm capable of.
Username: bbnnkk

Rank: 24,626

UTC +2
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