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Do any of your friends know what osu! is?

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Yeah one person of like 50 friends, he played til like 50PP then he quit lol
Well, I managed to get one of my friends to play this game and now he's addicted rip
One of my friend (who is an otaku) played this game in the class, back then I was like "Is this magic or something? Can he play Touhou?". Yeah, it was 2 years ago. Now I think I can play Touhou osu! to.
Someone installed osu on the computers in my middle school and everyone in my class at least saw what it looks like. Now in high school I have a friend who sometimes plays osu on his phone, he said he doesn’t play on a computer almost at all though. Actually that was part of the reason why I sat down now today and started playing, as I hasn’t really done it before. He has another friend from his middle school who claims to be high in the national ranking, but probably not high enough.
So what was the point of me writing this?
I have never met a random person outside that knew anything about Osu. My circle knows of Osu because i bring it up when we are discussing games we play, but as far as someone who plays it fairly often and is decent at the game, then i have no one around me.
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2 of them know, the 1st one has ~2500pp, and the 2nd one started playing yesterday on mobile (the opsu! app)
damn i know like 6, all of them within the 600-2k pp range. they play a ton and are in on all the osu memes, but i wish i knew someone at my rank so multis wouldn't be that boring.
Most of my friends know what Osu is but have no desire to play the game as they aren’t fan of rythmn games.
A few people know osu in my school, but mostly because some fortnite/overwatch player played it in a stream or something :(

The one person who plays osu a bit is a noob

then again, so am I
I don't know. I've never tried to talk about osu to someone in real life, but that's because my friends are not the kind of people who play videogames.
I actually heard one of my friends talking about osu at my school. And I immediately jumped into the conversation and he obviously said its a weeb game, I tried to prove him wrong but with no luck :T
Weell sorta xDD since when i discovered the game i started playing it all the time and kept telling them about it all day long since i love the game so much :D its fun , sometimes makes me go arhggggg but that's because i f@#$ up :D , and i kept sending them videos of some amazing osu plays :D
People ask me what games I play and I can't say osu! because they start to judge me and I feel awkward so I just say normal games such as Minecraft. And when I try to explain what osu! is, people just either ignore me or tell me to do something more productive with my life... *sigh*
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A good number of my acquaintances in Overwatch-related interest groups know what osu! is, thanks to pro ow streamers. Some of the cg artists I know have heard or tried osu! also. But that’s pretty much it.
i don't know anyone that plays osu.
here in phil. most of my classmates are weebs too so i didn't had a hard time convincing them to play osu with me. we talk about osu non stop during class, we share experiences especially most of my friends are mouse players and complains about how it's impossible to finish 1,2s using a mouse.
I live in Germany and in my school they make fun of me for liking anime and playing osu. Everytime I ask my friends if we want to play some osu together they call me a weeb :( I don't really get why they can't just try it once it's not like they have to play it forever.
All of them, but only 2 or 3 really play it
I try to explain it to them saying "play osu! its a fun and challenging rhythm game" and get responded with... "HA YOU'RE A WEEB" :/
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