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[ - Zekks - ]
california might be split into 3 states, what are ur thoughts on it?

do you not care at all or does it worry you

[ - Zekks - ] wrote:

do you not care at all
is that bad?
We live in the most ridiculous timeline
I think it's just too soon to say whether or not this would be for the better or worse as the idea has just been proposed, but I'm definitely curious to see how this plays out.
Not that I would care abot it tbh
unless it would give me some disease or something
If it doesn't affect me, then why would I care?
If it does, then I'd care. But I don't think this can be harmful in any way tbh(?)
The idea is stupid, to say the least. There have been threats of cessation but nothing has ever happened. I'm too worn out with California's politics and culture to even care.

Serraionga wrote:

[ - Zekks - ] wrote:

do you not care at all
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