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Right, so I've been playing more CTB and Taiko recently, and was beginning to be able to get harder and harder HardRock full clears on CTB, which I'm quite pleased about.

I've messed around with 'techniques' as you may call them, although they seem to just be more common nonsensical things that one would do; avoiding tunnel vision, listening for hitclaps before making a jump, and such.

What I want to do now is try hidden; the only issue here is that I don't understand how to play hidden. When watching videos and/or replays of top CTB players, they all seem to treat hidden as nothing, in that if a map is impossible to clear with hard rock, they just do it with hidden only, resulting in more points for what seems to be the same difficulty (for them, that is).

So far with my experimentation, I've only been able to get Silver S and Silver SS clears on easy maps.

From what I can guess at, I'd say the best way is to listen for hitclaps, and carefully watch the placement of the fruits as they fall.

Any tips? I'd greatly appreciate them, thank you in advance. :)

Oh, one more thing: I've been alternating between the default osu! CTB skin, and the Cirno one (Including Ice Crystal Fruits). Do these make much of a difference?
M i l o t i c
I don't play ctb much,
so i think listen for hitclaps, and carefully watch the placement of the fruits as they fall is the only thing needed for playing with hidden

Also about the skin, use the skin you feel the best to play with.
This is my personal opinion/what works for me + I'm not amazing at hidden (Can FC most maps but I still have trouble with high ARs and inconsistent (although called for) spacing.)

My first suggestion is to just play more maps on hidden. That should build your muscle memory and get you accustomed to spacing/positioning and how to react to them. Try playing maps of songs you know really well (ie: you can hum the song by heart if you wanted to). Maps where the notes are mapped primarily to the lyrics/melody/instrumentals are probably the easiest on hidden,imo.

I personally don't pay much attention to the hitsounds when I play and they only come to my attention when they're practically silent and throw me off by making me think I broke my combo. Just focus on the Rhythm/Tempo of the song for the most part to predict how the notes will play out after you've had that quick glance at them before they disappear.

Play Hard - Insane maps to see faster improvement. Easy and Normal maps (for the most part) don't push you to "use" the music to catch and predict notes/You can FC them with the sound mute >.>

Don't alternate between skins too much. Find a skin you like and stick to it for the long run :V

Good luck o/
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Thank you to both of you, I'll try this out and see if it helps me.
Most important thing about CtB Hidden ist that it gets way easier on AR8+
In my opinion (Even though I'm just horrible at hidden) you just count the number of fruits that are coming down in a section, and as when they hit the pan a colored "light" matching that of the fruit the fell will illuminate upwards towards the top of the screen (it gets bigger as the combo gets higher). Use that as an indicator of when the fruit is caught by the ryuuta. Try to catch it out of the corner of your eyes and just move according to where the fruits move.

Although it may be hard, it's what I do and it works for me. Of course now that I've gotten so used to it, it just feels normal to move at a pace where it seemingly is as if there wasn't hidden at all.

Best of luck to you! (I'm normally a No-Mod'er so I hope this helps)
I'm a HD player, and after some plays with that mode, it's quite easy to read (with Approach Rate 7, or higher).

The secret? Well... there's not a definite technique IMO. When I began playing HD, I tried to look at the top part of the screen to see the placement of the fruits. I don't usually look directly, or close to the ryuuta (which is No-mod players tend to do).

I'm sure you'll get used to it soon if you practice some jumpy AR8 songs =)
better begin with some stream maps with AR7
e.g. Marisa, Kanbu, etc.
Look at the top part of the screen, deduce the timing when the fruit drops.
And then you will get use to it.
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Cool, thank you guys. Can I check AR by counting the stars for the difficulty? Or is it written on the song page?
Edit:--> F4-->difficulty-->approaching rate
As the others have said, you just need to start using the mod and get used to it, better stay with ar 8 if you can at first, but with some time you'll easily be doing even jumpy maps with ar8, 9 or 10 like playing no mods, perhaps even better.
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I'll use that, thank you Steven :)
well i checked this place bc i wanted to try hidden on ctb cuz its definitely hard. but apparently i found a small solution. you can still slightly see the fruits after it has faded. you can still see it as it hits the catcher. i know this is not a solution to all your problems, but its a good start to getting used to where fruits are once it fades. i noticed it halfway through the song i was playing with hidden for the first time.... :p so i thought i'd share it here.... if you cant see it, adjusting the brightness could help :p hope this helps ... to people who scan this post anyways cuz this was five years ago..... :):oops:
well, first off, please avoid replying on threads that are more than a month old.

second, your solution isn't really viable as you're probably talking about kiai time. it's meant to be like that actually. if the song isn't in kiai time, the fruits won't "fade" at all.
A lot of times when I play hidden, I start to see the fruits being only semi-transparent as they get closer to my catcher. This is just my brain putting them there because it knows how the game works. It got to the point where sometimes playing hidden is like playing nomod. This only happens some of the time, but if you train yourself to play like that, I think it will be much easier

Madvillain wrote:

please avoid replying on threads that are more than a month old.
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