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Hey, today when i wanted to play Blade Dance mapped by Sotarks, and suddenly i noticed all my scores were gone on this map, then i played the map again, hoping it was a glitch and it'll return back to normal, and i got what seemed to be (since i couldn't see my previous high score) the best score i have ever gotten on this song, and moreover i suddenly saw "Click to Update to latest version" when i toggled between Global & Local scores, the moment i did that, that high score i just played got deleted as well and on the Leaderboards the old score (The Grade atleast) shows, but no scores show up in my local scores still...
I've only tried F5-ing and Restarting the game.. is there anything i can do?
every score that record will deleted automatically when a map get updated
so you need play again to record score on the updated map
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