Laur - Cyber Attack [OsuMania]

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Salty Mermaid
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 7 août 2020 at 17:22:56

Artist: Laur
Title: Cyber Attack
Tags: ancul restriction2 2 team grimoire sv frenchcore hardcore cybercore glitch metal guitar electronic instrumental TG-006 M3 2017 春 spring 第一展示場 B-09a Track 05
BPM: 240
Filesize: 9150kb
Play Time: 05:09
Difficulties Available:
  1. System Failure - 4Key (5,57 stars, 3832 notes)

Download: Laur - Cyber Attack
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
#2 ranked map boiiiiii. Nominated by Rivals_7 and Dubstek!

Haha, you won't get ss

Just another 4k marathon

  1. First nomination: Rivals_7
  2. Updated the map to fix the hitsounds. Along with many other things.
  3. Nominated by DoNotMess and qualified by Rivals_7!
  4. May 2019 Disqualified by hypercyte to add AncuL in the tags.
  5. May 2019 Renominated by Rivals_7
  6. 19/06/2020 Updated the map to changed the tags and a better audio.
  7. 02/08/2020 First nomination by Dubstek!
  8. 07/08/2020 Nomination reset to get rid of the 4 only 1/8 LNs and to fix the snapping of a double.
  9. 08/08/2020 Nominated by Rivals_7!
  10. 09/08/2020 Qualified by Dubstek!
Songofevil (at least he tried)
and a bunch of other people

Huge thanks to AncuL for providing the hitsounds (from LordRaika's hitsdound library) and for doing half of the hitsounding on the map! Thanks to dudehacker too for checking the hitsounds and providing Cowbell.wav

The links of the tags:

Here are two 8k difficulties I made more as a joke than anything else. If you want to try it tho, bruh u can't. They both consist of two older versions of the 4k diff, one mapped by me and one by another guy. Let's say the columns of my 4k diff are 1|2|3|4 and his 4k diff columns are a|b|c|d, the ILOVEYOU diff is abcd1234 and the Code Red diff is a1b2c3d4.

Better than System Failure but not really.

ILOVEYOU and Code Red be dunking on the 2000s.
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