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Okay, so I've been playing osu! with a tablet for a while now. I use a Wacom Intuos as my tablet and it's working out great. Haven't needed to replace it, or buy a new pen, it's awesome. But, recently I've been finding some rough areas on some parts of the tablet (generally my play area), that seem to have scratches. It's nothing major, but when you're playing, you can definitely feel it, and it's kind of distracting.

I've heard people talking around about tablet covers, that make the tablet look cool and prevent scratches. But I'm not sure if I should buy a tablet cover, or just ignore it. I want to preserve my tablet for as long as I can, since they can range from $20-$60. I also don't know what tablet cover material is made out of. I don't know what tablet covers are made out of, but I'm afraid that it'll be out of some cheap cloth that moves and breaks easily and will mess up my gameplay.

My preference is to drag the pen instead of hovering. I currently don't use the tablet to draw, so preserving nibs won't be a problem. I think it may be because when I drag, I sometimes push on the nib too hard.

If anyone has any input or suggestions that'd be great! (also if you could inform me on the general range of prices for tablet covers that'd be nice) Thanks you!

osu! version: 20180510.4 (latest)
I've used a wacom intuos (small) for probably half a year or more ,and having to replace pen nibs is quite a hassle.

In my school there is a coin/bill club, and half the reason I go to the club is for the bill sleeves (aka DIY tablet covers). :P

I basically taped bill sleeves onto my tablet area and it really helps with keeping my nibs (and tablet area) alive.

Honestly you don't have to buy those fancy tablet covers just find something that works (just like how i used a rubber band on my pen so my hand doesn't slip).
this is user reference, but highly recommended using tablet covers, especially for user that play with drag

how about DIY tablet covers? that cost was cheaper than buy a tablet cover
I put my mouse pad over the tablet and when i do something else i just use the mouse over it.
You can also use screen protector since it's easier to obtain one. You just need to get the large one that will fit your tablet's surface and cut it.
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