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Hello, this is my first time modding, so it may not be perfect.

  1. I should be able to mod maps on hard or insane difficulty (I'm bad on normal and easy diffs, and not good enough to play extra and up)
  2. Please no long maps (no more than 5 minutes), unless it is single diff
  3. Specify which difficulty you want me to mod
  4. I accept every genre, but I will only mod NM if I like the song
  5. I prioritize M4M requests
  6. When asking for M4M, I will send the map that I currently need to be modded in PM
  7. You can start modding my map as fast as you want
  8. If you can't find any errors in my map, please leave praise/hype
  9. If I very like the song or your map, I will propably leave a hype (M4M increases chances of me giving it ;))
  10. I can mod in English or Polish (if you want me to mod in Polish please leave a note)

  11. If you are an experienced mapper, please be aware that your map might seem perfect to me, in this case I will send a PM that I haven't found any mistakes, or leave a praise in my mod.
  12. Always check for my last post whether the queue is open

I also offer making GDs:
  1. short maps are preferred(max. 2 minutes)
  2. I am the best at making hard-insane-extra diffs(depends on map bpm)
  3. I can't do normal/easy diffs
  4. If my diff is too bad, you don't need to include it in your mapset
  5. If don't feel like I can make a good map to the requested song, I will send a PM
NM Reqs
I want you to mod GO FOR A PERFECT
NM requests
I want you to mod hard
Thank you. :)
NM req
focus for Insane by me, i want to improve my high-diff mapping
also english pls
thanks in advance, and good luck
hi nm
you can mod the 3 highest diffs
im a new mapper
m4m is okay, i will try my best
Just choose the diff U want to mod
Thanks _(:з」∠)_!
All requests done for now, queue open
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