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Artist: Blank banshee
Title: B:/ Start Up
Length: 1:07
BPM: 150
Map Link:

I'm not a new new mapper. I've messed around with making some maps for a while but never really went super public on them so they've largely received very limited feedback. I also have 0 experience hitsounding so I'm not sure where to proceed in that regard.

Thanks for the help in advanced!

Kibbleru wrote:

text: "There's no need to DropOut; if you're looking to start a NEW GAME in your mapping career, come with us and start your Dream with a BanG!"

anyways, gl with this!

Henlo. I've attempted a few maps, but consider myself pretty inexperienced still.
I'm treating this set pretty seriously, and hope to have a full spread and maybe go for rank eventually.

2 difficulties + 1 GD are finished, but I really have no idea if any of it is """good mapping"""". I'd love some feedback to make sure I'm on the right track going forward. Thanks!
Hello Kibbleru and Doormat!

I've been working on this map for a while, and was hoping you may be able to help me out with it. Any help or advice is appreciated! It's really nice to see people like you trying to help new mappers. I know this Modding Queue sounds a bit like a joke, but I hope it will be a big success!

Here is the link to my map:
Hishiro Chizuru

Been working on this map for a bit, probably unrankable at its quality but I'd like some feedback.

Zero Esper

Help me Noone wants to mod my map :(
Hi! I have a bubbled map. It seemed that the map will become ranked one before long.
Although I don't have a ranked map, there is a BN who considers my map rankable.
So could you please do final checking to rank my first map.
good luck !
Nao Tomori
heres a hint: if you have ranked maps, this queue isn't for you. no matter how awful your ranked maps are (like mine.) same for bubbled maps...
Hi, help me
Can we post unfinished maps? Not sure if I am still eligible but here boys:
Serizawa Haruki

i am appreciated if you can mod my map :) thanks
Wow, that's pretty cool.
I'm kinda new with making beatmaps.
but here ya go

(the storyboard and Hard and Insane difficulties are still WIP)
hello :o
i think its a cool set but i need help, thanks! <3
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