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Hey Drakari did you just claim survivor too?
vote: Drakari

I find it likely that either you or rantai is SK now

Salvage wrote:

Swiftwolf Yellowtail wrote:

I'm pretty sure we can handle things without you for once, Salvage. Besides, how many times have you gotten killed/lynched early on?

A lot.
No you cannot.

And what is your argument anyways?

"Hey you're town, you're good but i can do it without you!! i'll kill you to proove i'm good!!!!"

Dude that doesn't even make sense, if you're town you can't kill another town with that shitty argument, i gave this game a lot of information already and i don't give a fuck if you can go on with or without me, lynching me is pro-mafia AND PRO-MAFIA ONLY, there are 4 over 24 players who are mafia in this game, i really suggest you all think twice this cause it's really stupid.
People are just as likely to win with you as without you, to be honest.

Swiftwolf Yellowtail wrote:

Sync wrote:

let's kill rantai plz I think he is mafia
Weak. Boring. No evidence. What is this nonsensical bullshit.

Plus the fact that you've been saying pretty much the same thing over and over again makes me think you're a lyncher.
The irony, you're trying the same with me with less evidence, actually you're evidence and sence in my lynch is negative perse, it can't be worse and there's actually more evidence to kill Rantai than me.
Look who says so, ironically the opposite of awesome as i am, shut the fuck up and play the game Swift, you're horrible and you have to attain to it, if you're mafia then go on and claim it harder, if you're town think it twice and try atleast a bit to be better in this game, and if you're jester the same applies.
Vote Rantai

probably serial killer, yeah. wanting to focus everything on jester circlejerk and then kill off mafs in the process
Prod: Lilac (Last post: 5 days ago), Rukarioman (..He's in this game? o_O He never posted)

Seriously, how did these two get on by with at least five days of not saying anything?
On second thought unvote vote: rantai yeah
unvote, vote Rantai

lynching salvage is stupid especially because he's the most active player and this game would probably more dead w/o him

making it less fun
Actually no salvage I'm voting you because you're mafia
..Tempting, Mashley, temping.

I can basically answer nothing to that since you're not saying why and it leads nowhere.
Goddamnit with your WIFOM. Oh well, if you are Jester, well played being absolutely annoying and confusing.

Vote: Rantai

Rantai (5) - Sync, Wojjan, Dusty, Salvage, bmin11
No Lynch (4) - Ekaru, pieguy1372, Quaraezha, AGUYWITHTHENAME
Salvage (4) - Mashley, Rantai, Drakari, DeathxShinigami
Sync (1) - Lybydose

You better not tell me are mistakes.

Rantai (5)
No Lynch (4)

unless bmin is a double voter or smt
I find it funny that every status I have posted in this game have been wrong in some way.
vote Rantai

And yes, I'm roleclaiming survivor which means any time somebody else dies I get closer to winning.
do you drakari agree on sharing the win with town and not mafia
Posting to say I'm still here and reading, but have nothing really to contribute.
LS are you a jester
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