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On a video of a stepmania charts with negative BPM gimmicks.
Yeah yeah sure you can. Bet he can also FC xb since he plays osu.

I don't even with my sense of humour now
Ryu Sei
14.46 Ryu Sei: hi again
14.49 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: hi
14.49 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: Sei
14.49 Ryu Sei: which sei
14.49 [-Seiryuu-]: which sei
14.49 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: oh two of you
14.49 thekoreankid231: sei
14.49 Ryu Sei: which sei
14.49 Ryu Sei: I ask you
14.49 Evening: sei
14.49 [-Seiryuu-]: that sei
14.49 Ryu Sei: no, that one
14.49 [-Seiryuu-]: nono
14.49 thekoreankid231: sei sei
14.49 [-Seiryuu-]: that sei
14.49 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: two of you
14.49 Evening: sei
14.49 [-Seiryuu-]: which sei
14.50 Ryu Sei: why not both?
14.50 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: Sei
14.50 thekoreankid231: the real sei
14.50 Ryu Sei: sei=tan
14.50 [-Seiryuu-]: hi sei
14.50 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: Sei
14.50 [-Seiryuu-]: why are you sei
14.50 Evening: sei
14.50 thekoreankid231: sei
14.50 [-Seiryuu-]: yes sei
14.50 Evening: sei !
14.50 Ryu Sei: did I sei-ing something wrong
14.50 Ryu Sei: sei desu
14.50 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: i am Sei-ing its the two of you
14.50 InabaYap: The Sei whale w
14.50 *InabaYap runs
14.50 thekoreankid231: say sei
14.50 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: Sei
14.50 Ryu Sei: Sei says Sei Sei is a Seilor
14.50 Evening: . _ .] sei
14.51 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: hi the two of you XD
14.51 thekoreankid231: sei say sei sei
14.51 [-Seiryuu-]: sei fuku
14.51 Evening: sei fuk u
14.51 *Evening runs
14.51 Ryu Sei: fuku sei
14.51 [-Seiryuu-]: wow u
14.51 Ryu Sei: gaku sei
14.51 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: -O
14.51 MEGAtive: Hi
14.51 Ryu Sei: hi based sei
14.51 [-Seiryuu-]: hello
14.51 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: hi
14.52 thekoreankid231: helllo!
14.52 thekoreankid231: hi
14.52 Evening: hi
14.52 Devilchilly: hOI
14.52 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: hi hi hi sei SEI sei!!
14.52 Devilchilly: usagi usagi SEI SEI SEI SEI
14.52 Ryu Sei: USA USA SEI
14.52 thekoreankid231: usa usa usa usa
14.52 thekoreankid231: tei tei tei tei tei
14.52 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: Sei!!
14.52 thekoreankid231: tei tei tei tei tei
14.52 Ryu Sei: desu!
14.52 InabaYap: sei sei sei sei sei sei sei sei
14.52 Evening: literally mania
14.52 Devilchilly: sei sei sei sei sei*
14.53 Ryu Sei: lol
14.53 thekoreankid231: tei tei tei tei tei usa usa tei tei teitei
14.53 Devilchilly: tei tei tei tei tei hentei
14.53 *Devilchilly runs
14.53 Ryu Sei: lol
14.53 [-Seiryuu-]: stop sei ing my name
14.53 Ryu Sei: Sei ko
14.53 Ryu Sei: ok stop it guys
14.53 Evening: sei
14.53 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: sorry SEi
14.53 thekoreankid231: seilemat
14.53 thekoreankid231: pagi
14.53 thekoreankid231: desu
14.53 thekoreankid231: kawaii
14.53 thekoreankid231: ne
14.53 Evening: moe
14.53 Ryu Sei: lel
14.53 [-Seiryuu-]: tan
14.53 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: sumima-sein
14.54 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: sumima-SEI-n
14.54 *Ryu Sei summons Sei Warrior
14.54 [-Seiryuu-]: god that's enough lmao
14.54 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: stop it already
14.54 Ryu Sei: lol
14.55 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: he Sei
14.55 Ryu Sei: I don't sei anything
14.56 Sugoi_Lemuel-_-: oh
Ryu Sei

LoliFlan wrote:

Seriously that made me laugh for real
Ryu Sei
Forgot how to breeeathe


my existence
this video

I've never laughed this hard in years

Peter, your bae's well hot
Which one? I'll tell em 'Ryan thinks you're fit' n they'll be like 'oooooooh'
The one you keep posing with on Snapchat
oh kekekeke ik can't help it
Russian ye? Real men share their women so you take the top half n I take the bottom half alright?
wtf you guys talking about?
They're talking about the vodka bottle Peter keeps posting pics of in his snapchat story
oh XD
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