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"Oi niglets, when we going worlds?"
"Saturday next week"
"Okay, we meeting up Friday and staying in Calvin's house?"
"Let me stay in your house till Sunday yeah? Meet the girls"
"You can sleep outside on the grass. Bring a tent."
"Nah mate, I'm stealing your women"
"Remember you guys have to each pay me for buying the tickets"
"Gonna give us a student discount on the tickets ye? Have to budget and get off overdraft ya know"
"Yeah I remember Alvin talking to me about a Student discount"
"How much? 40%?"
"Heard it was 50%"
"Ah sick. Thank you Alvino, love you long time. <3"
" '-_- Fuck off you guys ain't getting a Student discount"
"But remember that one time I gave you a Penta, and the skins I gifted"
"Innit same"
"You niggas are so troll"
The fact that someone is using images from my user page that I made 3 years ago on their current user page.
There was a sign in my school with the picture of Mr.Skeltal tooting on his trumpet and it said GET SPOOKED

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.
[23/10/2015 15:48:21] Shani: jeesh you're complaining a lot
[23/10/2015 15:48:24] Shani: then slap your own
[23/10/2015 15:48:24] Shani: wtf
[23/10/2015 15:48:53] Ryan Hernandez: But I don't wanna smack my own ass
[23/10/2015 15:48:57] Ryan Hernandez: it's isn't the same
[23/10/2015 15:50:08] Shani: cus ur ass isn't as fine?
[23/10/2015 15:50:49] Ryan Hernandez: Is sucking your own tits the same as sucking another girls tits?
[23/10/2015 15:50:52] Ryan Hernandez: no
[23/10/2015 15:50:58] Ryan Hernandez: seeeeeeeeee
[23/10/2015 15:51:02] Shani: can't tell you because
[23/10/2015 15:51:03] Shani: i can't suck on my tits
[23/10/2015 15:51:05] Shani: wtf
[23/10/2015 15:51:12] Ryan Hernandez: Imagine if you could
[23/10/2015 15:51:26] Shani: I CAN'T IMAGINE IT
[23/10/2015 15:51:28] Shani: WTF
[23/10/2015 15:51:34] Ryan Hernandez: Imagine you had some disgusting cow tits
[23/10/2015 15:51:39] Shani: no thanks
[23/10/2015 15:51:43] Shani: you can imagine it alone
[23/10/2015 15:51:44] Ryan Hernandez: all droopy like a grandmother's
[23/10/2015 15:51:54] Ryan Hernandez: reaching to your ankle
[23/10/2015 15:52:39] Shani: sick
[23/10/2015 15:52:48] Ryan Hernandez: Sick as in good?
[23/10/2015 15:52:51] Ryan Hernandez: Ew
[23/10/2015 15:52:55] Shani: no
[23/10/2015 15:52:57] Shani: sick as in sick
[23/10/2015 15:52:58] Ryan Hernandez: You disgusting gurl
[23/10/2015 15:53:54] Ryan Hernandez: You secretly want em
found this gem again
osu = etch-a-sketch simulator 2015

Buzzfeed videos always make l.o.l.
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