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Username: L i d a N
Character: Patchouli Knowledge
Series: Touhou
Image: http://puu.sh/ikds
Colour/s: Purple

I Wanna Misaki mei ;-;

Username: Artificial Children (if is too long can be AC or Arti)
Character: Ushiromiya Maria
Series: Umineko no naku koro ni
Image: Here
Colour/s: Red or pink(cause of the pic)

Thanks :3
Username: Kazuo
Character: Nanasaki Ai
Series: Amagami SS/+
Image: http://puu.sh/il2Z
Colour/s: Dark blue
please? :3
thanks :oops:
Username: Loe4boe
Character: Suou Pavlichenko
Series: Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
Image: http://puu.sh/ilqy
Colour/s: Red
Username: Kite
Character: Kazami Yuka
Series: Touhou
Image: http://puu.sh/ilwv
Colour: Amber or anything else that might fit!

Username: yuuki
Character: Patchouli Knowledge
Series: Touhou
Image: http://puu.sh/imc5
Color: Purple

since someone already married patchy can you make it "Secret Lover"
Can we do games? D: If so;

Username: Teliko
Character: Lulu
Series: Final Fantasy X
Image: http://i.imgur.com/ilUQp.jpg
Colour/s: Black & Red

If not;

Username: Teliko
Character: Lust
Series: FullMetal Alchemist
Image: http://i.imgur.com/0CYEU.jpg
Colour/s: Black & Red

We are remaking them to larger size. Please be patient, soon will be update.
Username: Gabex3
Character: Konata Izumi
Series: Lucky Star
Image: http://puu.sh/inHw
Colour/s: Azure (http://puu.sh/inIc)

Thanks. ♥
Anyway, onto a serious note I'll try to churn through as many of these as possible by tonight since I haven't got anything else to do to fill in some time before the next ISML voting period commencement.

Check back about every hour to see if yours has been added to the list as I most certainly could not be bothered to individually pm people.


Bluh, this thread is getting so many requests, nobody knows what character is taken.
Doesn't require that much effort to go through the pages with a quick CTRL+F [character name], does it?
You want a hand with it? Have nothing to do for the next few hours.
Please don't repost, it makes it a nightmare on going through the thread pages seeing who has or hasn't had one made yet...
Can I get my named spelled right >.<

Weezy wrote:

Can I get my named spelled right >.<
Contribooting, if ampzz doesn't mind.

Lolz, so many waifus, Awesome

Username: klubek
Character: Horo (not Holo plz)
Series: Spice and Wolf
Image: http://puu.sh/irP5 or http://puu.sh/irMR
Colour/s: Brown
Just a side note, can all the unnecessary posting stop?

To anyone who previously had a marriage signature in the old design you can now pick yours up from the 2nd post at the start of this thread.
Everybody else just have a little more patience as MLGnom and I will likely churn through most of them tonight/ today and I will finish the rest hopefully by tomorrow if all goes to plan.

Another announcement in regards to this will also be made before this week's end.
Can i make a request???

Username: Shana Aisaka
Character: Runa Houraisen
Series: Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo
Image: http://puu.sh/izqd or http://puu.sh/ispD ---> the full image is this http://puu.sh/ista
Colour/s: Purple ?? #BF00FF

Arigatou :3

Edit : I mess up the picture. =w='' (I Love Yuri~ and I'm a girl not a boy!! >.<")
Username: TheVapor
Character: Aria Kanzaki
Series: Hidan no Aria
Image: http://puu.sh/isO0
Colour/s: Pink~

Username: Bittersweet
Character: Haruhi
Series: Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu
Image: http://puu.sh/isSf
Colour/s: Blue

(lesbian marriage yay)
... did you not check the 2nd post at all?

Before posting up just do me a small favour and check the second post on this thread for your sleeve, I am not going out of my way to PM everyone individually about their requests being completed.

I went and re-done every single one that was previously completed with more than enough of them getting a complete change. This also includes a few more on top of that which has been 60+ in less than a day...

If anyone wants to complain you can just leave.

Secondly -

ampzz wrote:

Please don't repost, it makes it a nightmare on going through the thread pages seeing who has or hasn't had one made yet...
If you have a problem with anything at all about any of this just PM me about it; do not post on the thread as it is very hard filtering through requests or just general crap.

Yes, I am tired and no, I don't care.

Valentiino, when you read through this could you send me a PM?
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