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Natteke desu
Hello! So for those who may not know me, my nickname is Jounzan (you couldn't guess lol), i live in mother Russia and i do map for quite a while. I always liked the idea of birthday maps, when your friend mapper map some song you probably like. Had some of these mapped for myself, mapped these myself for others and it always was quite an experience what i want to share with other people, who don't map yet!

The idea is pretty simple, let's say, you're a good friend of some KamehamehaUchiha guy, who really like to click circles and you want to gift him something special, let's say, a map, but since you don't really know how to make them, you can't really make one. So what you could do (if this project stay live) is to request some group of people to map a song for your fella birthday, which you will get if you're lucky enough so pick it.

So if it's your lucky day, that group will collab it and send you via pm once they finish. I don't really know if we gonna upload it under ours accounts or let the requestguys upload by themselves, i do believe, it will need some discussion once i get a fine amount of mappers who are interested in this. Also, i'm not really sure about when exactly we should say that we mapping the song, personally i like the idea to poke people once we finish the map, hovewer, i can see that this can make a trouble for some of people, so probably we will mention it once randomizer picks the song. As for ranking, it will be regulated on case by case basis, so don't expect people to rank the map if they don't really up to this.

This is supposed to be not paid, free for all thing, and i don't think mappers ever get something but "thank you" for their mapping. At least, for now, dependant on how it runs, we may try to get some kind of badges for active mappers, but personally i'm not really sure if it ever happens.

So, what we need, currently, is to see if people like this idea or not, and mappers (doesn't matter how experienced you are) so if you willing to help, please poke me via whatever way you prefer.

Hello again, so i'm happy to announce that we are accepting requests! There is some specifics about how it would work and a bit of insight about the project in general.

What is it?

We are a group of mappers whom you can request a map for your friend's birthday! Simple as that. You can learn a rough concept under "old topic" spoilerbox.

Involved mappers:

Those who active among listed formed 6 teams which will be mapping songs you will hopefully request. Each team willl map only one song what means, we will map 6 songs in general in this round.

Rounds structure

So as you may notice we will have some rounds. Each round will include stage of announcement and opening survey where you can request us the song, stage of picking the song, stage of actual mapping and the final stage of linking finished sets (or single diffs) to you.
Some more specifics of time periods we will need for all these stages:
Announcing and accepting requests will last for two weeks
Picking songs will be done in three days
Mapping will be finished in a month
Notifications will be done in one day

In this round survey will be opened from today up to 8 of July.

Stage of picking

Requested songs will be filtered by a randomizer program, meaning the teams won't be able to change the song. Once we decide on what we map our org team will pm all of those who requested, and will left a notification about the results. So don't worry, we will tell you if you were lucky or not.

When requesting:

Make sure you request in the right time and your friend won't get it month later or earlier from the date of birthday
Song won't insult anyone we're fine with any kind of music and it doesn't have to be birthday themed if you want so, but something what can be considered as offended or too much of a spicy meme won't be accepted
Be prepared that outcome could not fit your expectations. We want to have freedom in our mapping and while we can listen to your suggestions, it doesn't means we will map some 12895713895790 stars map for the song that doesn't call for this at all.
You have to request it for your friend we will not accept requests from those, who request for themselves, sorry, go make some friends.

Link to the survey

Have fun!

Some final words

At this point, we dont have any rules about what kind of set will be made, if it will be a full set or a single diff that will be mapped. Each team will decide how the song will be mapped, as well on which member of the team will submit it. As for ranking, it depends of the interest people shows, but again, since we are just trying to see how this concept works, we still dont have any rules about this topic.
If the future of this project is bright, we will add other kinds of requests of the most laziest people, and depending of the community reaction, we could create more teams so the survey can be open more frequently.
If you are willing to help us in any kind of way, feel free to contact me (Jounzan) via private message (PM) or post a comment in this thread. Any kind of question will be appreciated.
Thank for your time, and have fun requesting despacito remixes for your firends!
I support the idea, if I can be part of it let's gooo
^ I agree with above ~ seems like a nice idea to do and i'll happily volunteer if ya need any mappers ^^
I can help depending on how much it will be required from each mapper.
Id love to help!
i support this!
nice actually
me 2
-Deer Lu-
Привет,готова помочь :D
oh in interested :)
im in
i'm down to help with this project :)
[A L P H A]
ill be glad to help
Joe Castle

I want to join, i like this!
I would join too!
Sounds good!

i support this. would love to join the project!
that is so cool, i'd love to join
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Natteke desu
bump, please check the very first post
count me in =D
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