Special Kingmaker (Game Over)

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Just let Salvage keep his delusion, it's adowable
It's 3am soooo gnight
oh I get it now chris

come on I'm sorry can't you forgive me

Mashley wrote:

Salvage wanna explain how that role wouldn't confirm me?
are you blind i already did in the previous page .. i'll quote it just for you:

Salvage wrote:

to nerf mafia maybe, i'm not crazy, we have lynchproof mafia and that mafia role could nerf mafia to not be so op
also chris hammer Hernan you're already sold anyways.
so if hernan doesn't turn up mafia that means under your logic, Mashley shouldn't be mafia either (your reasoning being "to nerf mafia maybe")

yet you say that we should lynch mashley if hernan flips town

sync if I didn't feel like you were actually paying attention to the thread I'd think you were town
Hernan won't flip town that's the thing

i never ever said anything in that case cause it won't happen
chris is trying to get a claim out of me before he executes :(


Salvage wrote:

if you're town then you would accept Hernan > Mashley > You chain of executions, that's what i mean it's a free Town win.
i can't see what you want to say with that quote sorry Sync i'm really trying
"If hernan doesn't flip scum then we execute Mashley"

meaning that:
A. you were trying to force people to agree with you
B. you aren't actually certain that Hernan is scum
C. All of the above
I never said if hernan doesn't flip town cause he won't what's the part you don't understand from that Sync god

there are 2 mafia left and besides Hernan the other mafia it's between you and Mashley, after Hernan flips scum then we'll execute u and him on whatever order and win the game nobody said Hernan will ever flip town learn to read.
I don't think mashley is mafia at all

Salvage wrote:

@Sync: I'm comparing it cause it's 2 town arguing again, not cause of how long it is.

And i already said why i'm sure i trust my readings and you should too.
you said I was town

why would you execute me

also for the record pure determination to get somebody lynched doesn't mean shit

do you really think town is going to do that just after Celebrity Mafia ended

you have to provide real reasoning as to why Hernan is mafia
easier then execute Hernan already
i already did Sync you're reading on the thread is beyond incredible it's like you don't read anything at all, and you know it's ok you don't read it you don't need to read much as mafia anyways

Hernan then Sync and game over period, Chris execute already
execute Salvage then we come to a logical conclusion after that happens

Salvage give me every reason why Hernan should be executed once more and if I agree with it then I will put effort into getting him executed
you have to completely convince me tho
i don't need your effort, go read the thread and convince yourself on it
no it'd take more effort for me to allot your posts than it would for you

if you really wanted him executed you would do it

mafia is more likely to be lazy and unhelpful you know :(
hi Hernan
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