Special Kingmaker (Game Over)

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no you're not

im saying there are people higher in my list and those are the ones, vote one of them pls sync
ok kill drakari right now

do it fast
I wish for a replacement.
Do not like this game. It's boring and weird. :c Someone else could do better.
Sorry guys ;w;
wojjan you're up

Salvage wrote:

list goes like there sync confirmed town, place votes or i'll hammer whoever i want
made me think you had some kind of role that confirmed me as town :(

oh well

also how is this game boring and weird it's only day 1

barely anything has happened
Drakari 1 vote

backfire out of the list
yeah dxs and drakari are the mafia imo with hernan

drakari it is
this game really is hard to even consider mafia

I understand where backfire is coming from though and pretty much only interesting for the kingmaker/king for now at least
Execute: Drakari
I really want to say who I think the kingmaker is but if I'm right then it'll be bad if they die

but if I'm right and don't say it I can't be cool at the end :(
It's boring because Salvage has the last word and nothing we say matters at all.
you know you have a typo in your signature
Just saw it, thank you.

Hernan wrote:

It's boring because Salvage has the last word and nothing we say matters at all.
Welcome to kingmaker, buddy.
Kingmaker give us a good king tomorrow, yeah?

Hernan can you please roleclaim? I mean you are essentially confirmed right now but it would help us to confirm you if we knew the full nature of your role. That's all. Unless for some reason it would benefit mafia more that us to know your rule (which I doubt), there's no reason to hold it back any more.
where is he confirmed

he dissapears when trying to get executed by his king? when is that pro town? not at all, if he doesn't explain it propperly and this guy turns out mafia i'll kill him tommorrow then dxs and game over
...I pray to God that Drakari is town solely so that we can move on to the next day and get a new king.
Roleclaim: One-shot Lynchproof

I just didn't want to roleclaim because I could still be mafia, I guess you guys just have to decide if you believe Salvage or me. I guess his super powers are just too good to ignore~
dinner, bye
nothing else that was showed in the 'lynch' scene, also the name of the role is pretty out of place but that doesn't say much neither

the thing is that someone who avoids being executed by his own king is what makes him anti town imo so not enough.
what is your exact role name hernan
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