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Closed i guess <.<
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Ok open again..
NM rules: new mapper only. If you have 2765 graveyarded beatmaps you are not a new mapper :p i mean like second-third mapset :p
Post your mapset here or just ask me ingame if i'm online.

Still prefer electronic stuff ^-^

Ofc feel free to suggest me cute patterns for this mapset or cute ideas about how to improve jumps :p
Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Dubstep) 3:12, Insane and one other if you want to

my favorite color is dark green o7
big chungus
New mapper (2nd set) NM request

Artist: Patric Caird
Title: Ed Edd n' Eddy Theme Song
Length: 30 sec
Mod: any diff

Favorite color is purple
NM, S3RL feat Sara - Candy, 3:18, any diff you prefer

RED, is what I like
NM, Thank You, My Twilight-The Pillows, 3:14, mod any diff you want

Alone it's turquoise os green but combined it's or black or orange ;)
// delete i'm bad
Nekomata Master - Far East Nightbird
Lenght is exactly 5 minutes (marathon)
And there's only one diff

I know it's not my first map, I made a bunch before, but this is one of the first ones I'm really happy with (+ I've only tried ranking a map like 2 years ago, please let me qualify)

I don't exactly have a favorite color. I prefer color combinations, such as white and red, aqua and black and so on..
Hi ! NM please !
TheFatRat - Time Lapse
1:03 length
genre : Electro / dance
last diff or hard ! (or both of them) :3c
probably new mapper
fav color is lilac or pink
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reopened NM for everyone but if you are an experienced mapper don t expect too much from me :3
NM or M4M
Artist: Bone N Skin
Title: Trickshot
BPM: 140
Filesize: 6448kb
Play Time: 01:29
Difficult to check:
Insane (4.18 stars, 310 notes)

Fav color: Green xD
NM Request
Artist: Suzuki Konomi
Title: Utaeba Soko ni Kimi ga Iru Kara
BPM: 175
Drain Time: 1:29
Difficulties: 7
Feel free to check any of the diffs! No preference on which ones you mod :X

My favorite color is green lmao.
NM req
Himeringo -Yonjuunana
Utaite cover
around 4:50 length and the normal and hard need mods the most

Hello, NM req pls

Map : Feint - Words (Feat. Laura Brehm) (Dnb song)

Length : 3:41 (drain 3:18) // BPM : 175

Currently there are 3 diffs

Thank you for considering my request ! ~

ups, I forgot, my favourite color is blue
NM Request
Artist: Ichigaya Arisa (CV: Itou Ayasa)
Title: Su-suki nanka janai
BPM: 166
Drain Time: 3:50 (3:42 drain)
Difficulties: 4
Feel free to check any of the diffs! No preference on which ones you mod :X

My favorite color is green lmao.
NM request

Rettou Joutou (BRING IT ON) by Giga-P
Length: 3:50

Only one difficulty done so far, I need to learn more about how to map songs like these before I finish the full set (HP/OD will be changed later)

Ehh theoretically black is not a colour so I'll go with blue I guess?

Thank you!
NM/M4M/GD: nm, thanks
Length: 2:41
# of difficulties: 5
Artist - Title: Function Phantom - Paradox
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Topic Starter
Reopened NM. Use format below or just /np me in game (if you are an experienced mapper don t expect too much from me)

Diff/s to mod:
You're not online though I wanted to NP in game damn. NM for map

Artist: Icon For Hire
Title: Make A Move
Genre: Rock/Emo
Lenght: 45s-1min drain time depending on diff
Diff/s to mod: Mod any of the diffs, so you can mod hards, insanes, etc. Top diff doesn't need too much attention but feel free to mod that too if you find something. Thanks!

My favorite color is black or bright pink (blackpink anyone hahahahaha)
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