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Computer games is a bit of a different story than Video games in general.

I know I played oldschool runescape back in like... at least 2006. I remember when hunter was released as a skill. So that puts me at about 10 years old at that time. But I didn't really get into computer games until I was maybe 12 or 13. I had a step brother at the time who played this game called Shadowbane, and let me tell you, Shadowbane was the most fucking ballerest game to ever fucking exist, ever. Goddamn that game was dope. There's an emulator for it and I've played it recently and it's still fun as fuck; it's just hard to get into because the whole game is around PvP and the PvP is really complex and requires a lot of learning.

But yeah, that would have been around 2008. So that's about when I really seriously got into computer games, specifically.

Your age when you first decided to really seriously dedicate yourself to a passion?
At... 12?

Your age when you discovered how wonderful the internet is.
click squares
your age when you started playing osu

Your age when you started having an internal monologue.
Tad Fibonacci
Ever since I can understand the concept of language.
If I have to guess then maybe 2 or 3. I'm not sure.

Your age when you first used a computer?
At 6.

Your age when you had your first cellphone?
I think I was twelve.

How old where you when you decided what your current favorite color is?
At 7.

Your age when you first lost something important?
not yet

you got slapped hard in the face for the first time

your age when you began to learn a second language. oh shit, that one's already answered.
your age when you stopped eating sweets.

Your age when you first had a burn?
I don’t remember

When you blew your seeds/pleasured your watermelon?
At 4-5. Maybe earlier.

The age when you first went to the beach? (actual ocean beaches of course)
Uraomote Error
Don't remember. Maybe ten.

Your age when you start doing... "that" *Insert a lenny face here.*
Achromalia what now?

ah, i see.

first time would be around 7 or 8, but i don't really remember.

- - -

your age when you first considered the experience of being in a romantic relationship?
i never considered anything about that experience, i am not sure if i would even be in one.


your age when you first experienced depression?
Oh yikes, really early, considering it's chemical stuff I take meds for.

First age you've played osu?
16 years.

First non-relative handholding?
Not yet :(


First time you masturbated?

Edit: if you don’t want to answer that first time you’ve went on a trip outside of your country?
I don't really remember, it was probably around 14 years old though.


First time you experienced a tragedy?
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