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Problem Details:

today as of 5/23/2018 my osu has been getting lag spikes during gameplay all the settings that i affects fps is turned off yet while playing during at the start of a map or at a random time while gameplay my osu lags for about 1-3 seconds making my fps drop from . yesterday 5/22/2018 was the last time i played osu without that lag. my fps limiter is set to 720 but i ussualy get like 450-350 and having 2.7-1.5 ms during gameplay. yesterday i used iobit systemcare, defrag, driver booster cause my computer seems to be pretty slow but after using those softwares thats when my osu started to lag. i getting kind of irritated but hopefully someone would help me. thanks :)

laptop specs:
core i3-5005U 2.0GHz
4gb ram
intel hd 5500

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

those gameplay are with relax it also happens with/without it

osu! version: 20180510.4 (latest)
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