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I have a v1 map that I haven't progressed too much so I wanted to ask.
If I delete a v1 map (when it's in the graveyard of course), when re uploading will it become v2? or will it still stay v1?
If it will become v2, is it okay for us to do that?
if the map is graveyarded and doesnt have mod post before, it should be converted in V2 since a few months ago
if it has mod before and its graveyarded, when revived, it stays V1, until of course, the major transition comes. (which is kinda soon TM)

Deleting and reuploading is obviously, makes it V2
since I've quitted osu and have just got back again, can you explain what the major transition is?
v1 = modding in threads as you know it
v2 = modding on the new discussion page

It is also possible to contact Ephemeral if you want a manual port to modding v2 for a v1 map that already received mods.
I see, I'll try contacting Ephemeral then.
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