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Problem Details:

After finishing a map, I hit escape and when it went to the ranking panel it show the wait one more second before pausing again in the bottom and when it went away, another would appear. I then hit retry and once the map was over, it popped up again. I hit back and it still kept popping up. If it helps to find out why it happened, I was playing this map https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1308355 +EZ,HT

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

It went away after tabbing out and I wasn't able to reproduce it. It probably has to be hitting escape right at a certain time.

osu! version: 20180510.2cuttingedge
Sometimes keys get stuck, especially when you hold the restart button and alt+tab
This can be easily fixed by switching windows, or restarting the game.
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