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What do you mean with "specific maps"?

My reply should give an example of what would be needed to be made by the player and what can be made by the game.

The solution would be the above described feature of the advanced collections, that they can have several filters (including logic phrases (not, and, or)), but with the semi function you could still add the beatmaps on your own, which would have a priority over the set conditions of the collection.

Edit: I don't want to make the main post any longer, so here are my collections which I used for the example list:

I added the beatmaps to these collections by myself and I bet it would have been much easier and less time consuming if the game could have done it for me, which would be the purpose of this feature.

Edit2: It got it already to a routine to edit my collections if I get new beatmaps, clear a map or get a better rank on it, but I think it would be better with this feature so it could be done automatically.

TheUnk0wnDead wrote:

What do you mean with "specific maps"?

TheUnk0wnDead wrote:

but with the semi function you could still add the beatmaps on your own, which would have a priority over the set conditions of the collection.
^ this
One thing that could be a problem is the "favourite" condition, it needs an internet connection to look what beatmaps are your favourites, I think it would need some type of temporary memory in which the favourite beatmaps from the last online session are saved, but I think this could be added to the game for the normal filter or other things, too.

Edit: Additionally it would be better if you could add beatmaps to your favourites in the game instead of the need to open the browser for it.
I got interested in trying to get higher accuracies on some maps, so I got the idea to specify the accuracy a bit more.

For the accuracy it would be checking the values, so it could include lower and higher numbers. That would be the simple variant, but setting lower would include too much beatmaps, which is why it should be possible to select the lowest and highest accuracy value for the condition, so between those values, so it won't include too much beatmaps.

As an example I am aiming for 99% on some maps, so the highest value I select would be 98.99%, and the lowest number could be 98% or 97%.

A bit different could be to select more specific numbers as an option, but the decimal numbers would get in the way, so if I want all maps with 98% it would ignore the decimal numbers behind it.
In the programm it could work like selecting the input number (98) and adding 0.99 as it's highest number.

So the accuracy condition would have two options, whether to select an area between two numbers or to have an integer number so it will ignore decimal numbers.

Edit: It is needless explanation as it is rather simple...

Edit2: I edited the main post, to explain the workwise of possible conditions.

Please tell me your ideas for more conditions if I have missed any.
(excluding the most conditions which need user input like in names)
pp won't be possible, it isn't supported in the game (or may it?)
Love the idea.
On the third page and no reply in almost a month, bump.

If you like the idea, please let us know, else we won't know.
If you don't like it, then tell us what you don't like about it and what I could change in the main post if you have suggestions.
I can see this being useful.
In fact I already keep 2 fairly simple collections using application I wrote(Collection Manager) that could be replaced with this request(assuming osu!.db stops breaking)

"Played" & "unplayed" - because osu!.db resets often so "Recently played" doesn't really work, also you can't F2 in all "Recently played" maps
I usually would pick one of these, filter by stars and F2 away.

And now that you mentioned it, I might consider adding pp filtering(collection creation) sometime in the future in Collection Manager.
I have thought about cleared/not cleared (any/none rank) but not about played/not played, because not cleared doesn't mean you haven't played it yet...

About recently played, in the game it already somehow tells you what maps you played and those you never played, strangely under "never" there are maps that I played though, seems it isn't polished yet (that's probably what you mean with "doesn't really work").

F2 (random map) works only for maps that are in one group or own collection, or what do you mean with "all 'Recently played' maps?
As an example, if I want to play any of my !mania maps at random I don't want to play !standard maps, the random button prevents picking a map from another group/collection.

The date condition would let you choose an area past a specific date (one workwise), recently played would work similar, but work with an area before "now".

Added Played/Unplayed and Recently played conditions to main post.
And PP, but that it probably won't be added.
On third page and no reply in a month, bump.

I have no more ideas to add, if you have any, tell me about your thoughts. Threads are for discussions, so of course there can be several opinions that differ from each other.
Whether it is because nobody posted for about 4 months or this idea doesn't seem to be good (enough) for the majority of readers (players)...
I would still support this feature, but there weren't any new replies...
Nobody posted because there is not much to talk about - no discussion about additional things to this or issues with this.

While support for this indicates the feature is well desired, it will be largely ignored by the devs while they work on osu!lazer. Even when osu!lazer is ready to replace current osu!, requests are likely be moved to the github issue page here for easier tracking of feature requests and bugs.
Really in for that!! id love the idea of collection automation
Updated OP.

Came up with another condition, that there are relations between collections.
An example, as said in the OP:
Beatmaps won't get added if they are already included in another specific one.

I read my example collections through and saw that the dated ones would include any beatmaps after that date, but I did them to divide the beatmaps I am adding, which would be a mistake.

Another addition, maybe you don't need to select the collection (or any/none), but you could maybe insert a string (word, etc) to include any matching collections to the condition.
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