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Can you guys tell me what is the best keyboard for mania for you.. please tell me your experience on the keyboard you use.. Thaanks
Ipad touchscreen keyboard
xbox 360 controller
One with working buttons
Hello atSeen,
thank you for asking this question ! This is my fifth year playing mania. At the start I used to play with a keyboard like everybody else. But after a while I startet playing with the guitar hero drums (you can use JoyToKey to convert controller inputs to keyboard inputs). You just have way more control over the buttons and hitting fast notes becomes way easier when you can use 2 sticks on one note than just one finger on a single key(this is a big plus point for 4 key mode). You can play up to 7 keys if you own 2 pedals for the drums. I think this is the best way to play mania.
As no one gives a decent answer, I can only give you a tiny bit of insight on my preferences of keyswitches.

I use MX reds atm and they are really good for mania imo.
Speedy and light.

I tried browns for a while and I can say that browns feel way less stamina draining because of the tactile bump you get and that you tend to not bottom the key down compared to the reds.

For the keyboard brand I guess duckyshine is a viable option

Can’t give you a good opinion about specific keyboards btw
I mean it could depend on one's comfort level, and what kind of maps you play.
for example, universally the most recommended choice is what NightNarumi said, since mech's keyboard tend to react way better with mania patterns (most of the time at least)
but sometimes, a good choice could be ranging for a special controller (like the pop'n mania for 9k), or using another type of keyboard like membrane, etc
for example i just use this laptop keyboard, and other than the fact that i end up jumping everywhere with the keys, its pretty good or me :P

IDK but yeah, whatever that suits you should be the best
Use Switch Joycons. I've heard they have almost zero input lag.
I have come to love the Cosair RBG Strafe
It's totally preference. But I've found that cherry silver keyboards have helped me a lot since you have to barely press them to register. It's also good for streaming on twitch cause they're quiet.

Tbh, if you're leaning towards a cherry red for its light and quiet keystroke, go for cherry silvers. They're much more responsive.

The difference between cherry reds and silvers is the actuation point. Cherry reds register after 2mm and silvers register after 1.2mm

Ducky and Corsair offer cherry silvers (that I know of) but I haven't heard good things from people about Corsair keyboards (including myself although it may not be the keyboard)
The best keyboard in mania is the keyboard which you feel most comfortable with.
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