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So recently I just checked back up on osu to play a couple of maps. Then I noticed that I'm ranked way higher about 10~11k rank up. Went to check my scores on history and also saw the change in PP scoring. Noticed I only have 1 +100pp play currently, than previously had 3 +100pp plays. My old rank is showing in the graph, but in game shows a high rank. I'm so confused at the moment. If the formula has changed for pp scoring and you know it, please let me know I can calculate in exel. Thank you! <3
Some kind of hidden rebalancing, pretty much every map but Freedom Dive got Hidden PP nerfed.

Aim: 1.02x
Speed: 1.18x
Acc: 1.02x

^here is a video kinda explaining the new HD rework. I think there is the new "formula" in the video.
now HD streams give more pp, while HD jumps give less

edit: oh you meant mania.
Basically low score plays give less pp now, I think.
Look at the news https://osu.ppy.sh/home/news/2018-05-16 ... ce-updates
Wait forgot to say I play mania and not standard osu much. Sorry about not saying that earlier.
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