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  • ♠ Request Type: Signature
    ♠ Image link: PNG & GIF
    ♠ Size: 550x150
    ♠ Text: do it for Haida ❤
    ♠ Border: Yes
    ♠ Extra: cute
♠ Request Type: Banner
♠ Image link:
♠ Size: 623x192
♠ Text: Together.
♠ Border: Yes
♠ Extra: Make it cute!

♠ Request Type: Signature
♠ Image link:
♠ Size: 659x154
♠ Text: 雪の下/Under the Snow
♠ Border: Yes
♠ Extra: Up to you.

Take your time,and thank you!~
ty Ken!~
♠ Request Type:Avatar
♠ Image link:
♠ Size: standart size for avatar
♠ Text: Neuu
♠ Border: No
♠ Extra: Thank you!
♠ Request Type: Signature
♠ Image link: 1, 2. Yes, I love Amy Lee ♥
♠ Size: 650x152
♠ Text: No text
♠ Border: Yes. Rounded
♠ Extra: Try to "avoid" the white borders if you can :< Also make it "dark" or cute.

Thank you! ♥
♠ Request Type: Avatar
♠ Image link: ... 32a_hq.jpg
♠ Size: 128x128
♠ Text: Shisu
♠ Border: Yes
♠ Extra: Thank you for the time making that. :D
Request Type: Userpage Banner
Image link: Here
Size: 623x192
Text: Alizie's profile
Border: Yes
Extra: Make it cute. u w u
Thanks in advance!
♠ Request Type: Collab Banner and Avatar
♠ Image link: o/
♠ Size: Banner to userpage: 624x192
♠ Text: This way (the names above)
♠ Border: Yes, to banner and pics
♠ Extra: No.
- Mia
♠ Request Type: Avatar
♠ Image link: -
♠ Size: 128x128
♠ Text: No.
♠ Border: Yes.
♠ Extra: thanks, aaaa <3.
♠ Request Type: Avatar and Banner
♠ Image link: For the Avatar : For the Banner :
♠ Size: Your Recomendation
♠ Text: For the Avatar : Ruff For the Banner : ラフ・ユーザーページ
♠ Border: only for the avatar : Rounded
♠ Extra: Just make it great with your recomendation

Thank you so much for the signature! ♥
♠ Request Type: Signature
♠ Image link: Both a GIF and an image: and
♠ Size: 650 x 150, however larger if possible.
♠ Text: ハイ田
♠ Border: Yes - small black lined border (similar to your second example signature)
♠ Extra: If you could try and get in as much of the character in the gif as you can (possibly from half of the ear down to the middle of the shirt), however I know the dimensions of the gif are a bit annoying. Thank you, and take your time! :)
♠ Request Type: Signature
♠ Image link: hereee
♠ Size: Ohhh i dunno, you can chose cx
♠ Text: No text
♠ Border: Yes
♠ Extra: Make it cute please~
Hello - Ken -, this is my request:
♠ Request Type: Signature
♠ Image link: this
♠ Size: 650x150
♠ Text: -
♠ Border: Yes
♠ Extra: make it very cute.
Thanks. <3
♠ Request Type: Beatmap Banner
♠ Image link: owo
♠ Size: 420x125
♠ Text: PSYQUI - Hype feat. Such mapped by Somi
♠ Border: Yes
♠ Extra: possibly a simple animation with like a shiny effect
[A L P H A]

♠ Request Type: Banner
♠ Image link: click me!
♠ Size: 622x193
♠ Text: No
♠ Border: No
♠ Extra: Make a gif lightening the yellow rays (the angle is like the girl is centred)

Thanks in advance!
Request Type:Banner
♠ Image link: ... _anime.jpg
♠ Size: 650x150
♠ Text: Zilo's Userpage
♠ Border: No
♠ Extra: can you add this gif in the banner ? ... o1_540.gif

Thanks in advance :D
♠ Request Type: Avatar Collab
♠ Image link:
♠ Size: standard size for avatar
♠ Text: Girl: Daniela Boy: Pascual
♠ Border: Yes

thanks in advance man :)
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