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On Kaidun, how about you?

BrokenArrow wrote:

On Kaidun, how about you?
Nothing yet. Still downloading the game.

I wanted to get started on Hasmina, though.
I've finally downloaded this game (Like 4 days now) already level 22 and in the server called Celestial Hills. I find this game quite fun...more fun when everyone I know from other games are all in this...huuur.

Aoriki wrote:

Celestial Hills.
lol Roleplaying. Those are my favorite people to get in random instance matchmaker, always a good time and they rarely suck at the game.
To think, only a couple of weeks ago the abyss weapon I got for 11k used to be barely 4k

Nyquill wrote:

To think, only a couple of weeks ago the abyss weapon I got for 11k used to be barely 4k
I know that feel. I replaced mine with a regent's weapon for 28, which now goes for about 70k at least...

ilvl 160 now :D beastmode

foulcoon wrote:

ilvl 160 now :D beastmode
Lv160? D:
Item level, its all that really matters in this game in terms of how good your stats are if you know what you're doing wwww.

I saw one of my +12 masterwork regent weapons go for 1mill gold on broker, I was wondering to myself if I would ever find the time and effort to get a regent weapon and then masterwork it. I get the feeling I'm the kind of person who would spend 50k just on MES to masterwork :/
Oh, the item Level. Alright.

I have a Lv12 (Oooo, yeah, I'm Lv12! Wow.) Archer on Hasmina (The german server) and basically the same character on Fraya on Lv1.

Fuck. Unstuck doesn't work.


EDIT: After playing around in WarFrame for a little bit, I logged back into TERA to realise I could not move directly, but by running in a direction and jumping, I could "Fall" in the direction of a city. Finally got somewhere close to Tulufan, and used Unstuck and a Safe Haven Scroll. Neither worked. Ah well. Looks like I'm not playing TERA for a week, when support will likely read my message, lol and hopefully reset my character to somewhere in the game.
Lol. Gg. Last time I got stuck, was when I jumped off from a mountain into a river, but the river was actually empty. o____o.
Good that my unstuck-button worked. D<
Slowly leveling up some popo alts with punny names with frands

Wohoo, finally Lv60.

Stuff's getting boring now.
Yeah, I still play this shit.

Yeah, I have 3 level 60s now.

And yeah, I just made the best lancer item in the game today:

come PVP with me on Mount Tyrannas bitches

Finally ILv 162!
Played it for 5 Months, i have one lvl 60 warrior and one lvl 27 march.
I'm playing on Fraya .. okay i played on fraya, my account is still there but TERA got boring.
I would play KTera but i can't read korean, so fml.
The EU Tera is boring, all the good stuff is in KTERA, and when i see someone is playing KTERA then i won't play TERA today anymore..
Poot Korean just run around
Don't kill me for this shameless bump ><

Anyways, there is a new class now called Reaper, tried it and it's really good in PvP but imo is really bad in PvE.

Yeah, I'm still playing TERA! I wonder if there is some people from osu! community who is still playing o.o
after 5 months still like This~_~
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