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Problem Details:
The sound that's coming out of my computer sounds like d d d d d d d d. It won't go away even after I turn off the computer several times

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Don't have a video, sound is just d d d d d d d d d looping forever

osu! version: 20180510.4 (latest)

EDIT: Fixed the issue by unplugging the HDD osu was on, power up the PC, powering down the PC, plugging the drive back in and the noise stopped.
Plz fix bug peppy
thats more like your pc has audio problems and not the game itself. why not try udpated audio drivers
I experimented the same issue right now, restarting computer fix it (and not shut down + power up). I have no issues with my computer, everything is up to date as stable version. I guess there is a part of the osu! process that keeps going, thats why it gets fixed when restarting or removing osu! files, and not on/off (cause of w10 fast boot system)
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