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My osu is acting weird and I need help to fix it. I can give you an example of what happends. It almost like it is rubber banding. It lags back you and the songs and then it makes you fail. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-aQfoSWHQc&feature=youtu.be
I really need help to fix this and what should I do.
It always happends at a random time.
try checking your fps counter if it goes down or not.

you may have to eliminate background processes.

maybe restart your pc if you havent yet.

and also, how old is your pc and what is the specs?
My pc is about a year old, It has a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.40 GHz.
This glitch started to happen about a week ago. I have restarted my pc. I have reinstalled osu. I have tried the fps counter and it does not go down. I have eliminated background progresses it is the same.
have you tried updating your sound and graphics drivers?

and if so, are you also using mouse or tablet?
I just got into tablet but it was rubber banding before I got it. I will try to update my sound and graphics drivers if I can.
feel free to post an another issue if the problem persists
My computer updated and it was fixed! Now I can play without having issues now.
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