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Hey so I'm working on a map for one of my old favorite songs, and even though my difficulty still isn't quite done, I need some guest difficulties.

Planned Difficulties:

[Easy] - Free
[Normal] - Free
[Hard] - Free
[Insane] - Free
[Extra] - Me (Being Modded)

  1. Difficulties must be fitted for ranking, and not to be rude, but if the map is not rankable, it will not be added (All will be mentioned in the song description though).
  2. Preferably give an example of a map you've created or helped with, it is not necessary but it helps.

Here's a link to the map:

Anyway that's all thanks
I'll do Insane. I wanna do a extra one also, but feel like if I do,it'll be lazy.
I like your part so far, it's really nice, just the effects need to be a bit more louder.
Can I please do hard diff, can I also start right now?
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