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yo hi teeeeeeam
Song : Lapix - Carry Me Away (Extended Mix)
4K pattern / not finished SV , hitsound

modding piles up :>
Hello there
The map is kinda simple. I'd like to get a pattern check since I just finished the map
I don't really have a modder choice,anyone from the team who feels like modding can mod
Note: The map's not hitsounded
Thanks in advance
hello guys:)
RoughSketch feat. DD "Nakata" Metal - Booths of Fighters (Camellia's "Barrage of Flurries" Remix)
i'd like to hear your suggestiong on patterns, since sv(might be done by Dreamwalker) and hs are wip
also i think timing can be checked once again, even though i took it from a ranked mapset
everyone from the team is fine, i still dont force anyone into modding this~
hi it's yo boi
chroma - i
9* 7K
need some quicc recommendations before requesting to a BN
mods on any difficulties but the highest one would be nice
other diffs lack mods :(

thanks in advance!
hi again
kamome sano - </emotional>
it's a map with lots of LNs, and SVs. Would like to have some pattern suggestions :)
thanks in advance

This is a 5K Marathon with lots of tight LN patterns, non 4/4 time signatures with bpm changes, and in general tries to have high pattern variety without relying on chord jacks or streams for difficulty.

I'd appreciate hitsound feedback, which imo is by far the weakest part of the map and I need to revise this asap, and/or pattern playability feedback, because there are some extremely cramped patterns in there which I'm not 100% sure on how they play (although I've been told the patterns are good) and only one other mod so far.

Based on the list I think Lastopia would be most suited for this mod though I don't really have a preference if anyone else can do it.

Thank you!

its 4k anime song with some SVs.
I want Pattern check. (Also Hitsound check if possible)

Thanks! :D
p/6716975 ohoho hi guys
hybrid mapset with 1/8 clear roll, need pattern mania mods
7K marathon, 6.6* BMS style LN chart.
really need a feedback. I will be appreciate to all the opinion. :)
Thanks in advance!!
o/ o/ o/ o/ o/

Sound Souler - 3rd Avenue, 4k
I'm not really concerned about the pattern but I really need some recommendation for my SV since the map is kinda heavy SV

tysm :3
Heya o/

VINXIS - Sidetracked Day
Jump streamish map, just a pattern check and just general feedback.
It's a 4k map.

Thanks ^^
small info already mentioned by leniane haha

It's a 4key LN/accuracy map that I hope to push for ranked starting in the coming month. I'm currently tidying it up and have just started hitsounding the set.
What I want out of the mod is a hitsound check for the top and bottom diff, and any suggestions about object placement.


TheFatRat - MAYDAY (Nightcore Mix)

4K, 172BPM map. Each diff is in a different style: Mayday - jacks, Hard - trills, Normal - normal :v
Any type of mod will be useful

Dunno how I had the energy to make a full spread of this but...

Artist - Title: Camellia - Quaoar
Genre: Artcore/Drumstep
Keymode: 4k
Info: Celestial is about 46% LNs so I have no idea what kind of map it could be ;3 (oh and the 1st kiai gets somewhat jacky)
Focus: Definitely patterns! Hitsounds would be cool too but meh, not too important right now. I'm definitely curious about 03:19:600 - in Celestial. Not sure if it's ok or absolute noodle garbage.
Kanon Matsubara

NM request

title : Choucho - starlog (TV Size)
lenght : 1:27 (1:26 drain)
link :

hope you can help me :)
thanks in advance
Hi there... Thanks for the opportunity

Artist-Title: Presti-Veritas
Genre: Piano,Instrumental,DnB (i think)
Length: 2:29
Prioritized Diffs: Hard diff

Enjoy the mapset :)
NM request
Techmo-X - ClockWorks (4k marathon)

Focus hitsounds, also pattern would be appreciated.

Heyo, NM request coming in

Title: Peter on Crack
Artist: Fele
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Length: 8:19

The map consists of roughly 8 minutes of jumpstream with a ton of one hand trills and some sections that are two hand trill focused. There's a small break section with ~140bpm light jacks but that's the only real break in there.

As it stands, hitsounds need polishing. It's not something I've worked with before, so I don't even know if what I've added is rankable. I made sure to use some custom samples and avoid double layered sounds, but I'm not sure what else is required. I would appreciate if the mod was hitsound focused, as I haven't gotten much feedback on that.
Salty Mermaid

Good stuff

Laur - Cyber Attack

It's a 4k marathon 6.13* with a high BPM (240).

Hitsounds are complete thanks to a certain someone who happens to be in this queue.

There's SV in it, and when it comes to SV, I am no expert. I got some testplays, so the SV got a lot better than it first was, but if the mod could be mainly focused on that, it would be very appreciated.

As for the patterns, I think they are fine, again, the testplays and mods helped a lot. Tho, the patterns in the kiais might need a little check, since they are the hardest ones.

Thank you!
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