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I just bought a CTL 480 to upgrade from a Huion H420. I've seen good things about the tablet, but after getting set up with the 6.3.9w5 driver and running FixMyPen and restarting my pc, I get a lot of jitters as seen here https://youtu.be/rx6FMnWHM8k there is gameplay with my H420 for comparison.

The jitters make jumping really unstable and unplayable and it all feels really shaky. Are there any other drivers that work well with osu!, or is there something wrong within my setting that I don't know about? I've looked around and I haven't found anything like this, and the closest things I can find are just people not using 6.3.9w5 or haven't used FixMyPen.

Here are my input settings in osu!
use the driver version 6.3.15-2
Link download: https://support.wacom.asia/en/node/10
Seems like this is normal since the driver removes completely the input lag, showing your "raw" aim so....
try messing around with the "tip feel" setting under settings tab in Wacom Tablet Properties
6.3.9w5 is VERY sensitive, I noticed a lot of shake and jitter also.

you should give this driver a try... https://github.com/hawku/TabletDriver

Its much better in my opinion.
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