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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 1 ноября 2012 г. at 18:50:10

Artist: Muse
Title: Uprising
Tags: The Resistance album version Knight & Day the 08 team_bourdon MystykAMV RandomJibberish
BPM: 128
Filesize: 7569kb
Play Time: 05:02
Difficulties Available:
  1. Bourdon's Unrest (3,03 stars, 302 notes)
  2. MystykAMV's Caveat (1,78 stars, 250 notes)
  3. Revolution (4,83 stars, 665 notes)
  4. RJ's Riot (4,55 stars, 432 notes)

Download: Muse - Uprising
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
#14. My first own 1/3 map.

They will stop degrading us..!
Сашка молодец о/
Aleks, I am mapping a taiko for this shit, if you're gonna do anything with it. Muse is my favoritest band D:
Isn't Knight & Day a movie or something? If it came from that, it should be in the source right? :x
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Backfire wrote:

Aleks, I am mapping a taiko for this shit, if you're gonna do anything with it. Muse is my favoritest band D:
Isn't Knight & Day a movie or something? If it came from that, it should be in the source right? :x
If 1/3 taiko is not bad... Try to make if you want :)

About Knight & Day. Yes, it's movie. This song sounds only in trailer for this movie. I guess it's not enough for source..
Why so unrankable? :<
Tак хорошо замапано, хочу скор с карты :D

-1 к оффсету если верить мне
Арекс-сан, ранки ее! >:О
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Reiji-RJ wrote:

Арекс-сан, ранки ее! >:О

Reiji-RJ wrote:

Арекс-сан, ранки

Reiji-RJ wrote:





btw, thanks for your comments o/
Wow, you actually waited two months for this. I congratulate you on your patience.
СлоупокРейджи уже здесь!

MystykAMV's Caveat

  1. HP -1? I think it's quite high D:
  2. 00:09:951 (1) - finish
  3. 00:47:451 - oh noes, you missed downbeat with finish! :< Add a note?
  4. 01:34:794 (2,4) - maybe make it symmetrical?
  5. 01:43:701 (1) - try to make it more symmetrical and nicer, for example:
  6. 01:51:201 (5) - again, not symmetrical. To make it: 1st followpoint one grid right (last one grid left), 2nd 3 grids right (4th 3 grids left) and 3rd one grid down. Also, nc :3
  7. 01:54:482 (6) - I don't like location of it. Maybe this:
  8. 02:18:857 (3) - 4th and 2nd followponts 1 grid right
  9. 02:51:201 (5) - >:C make it symmetrical
  10. 02:54:951 (1) - finish
  11. 02:58:701 (1) - meh meh on you~
  12. 04:06:201 (1) - atata
  13. 04:17:451 (5) - shaaapeeee, work on it's shaaaapeee
  14. 04:24:951 (1,2) - !!Caution!! They are not symmetrical and look bad, bad, very bad
  15. 04:28:701 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - move this pattern like on pic, so that 04:32:451 (1,2,3) - will be symmetrical. THEY MUST. Cause you have symmetry all over the map. And not in the end. ARGH!

    Nice diff! But watch your symmetry C:

Bourdon's Unrest

  1. 00:31:513 (2) - make clap clap rhythm, please
  2. 00:39:326 (5) - start at 00:39:482 -
  3. 01:24:951 (1) - wow, kiai with spinner, I like it :O
  4. 01:43:701 (1) - last followpoint 1 grid right

RJ's Riot

  1. Why your tickrate is 3 as well as other diffs have 1 D: Fix it, please
  2. 00:09:951 (1) - finish
  3. 02:00:419 (8) - maybe nc? Because it's the only combo >(9) D:
    Suggestion: Map till end like all diffs?

Areks-san's Revolution

  1. 00:52:607 (6,7) - странный ритм, по-моему.. может как-то так что ли:

    Иии все D:

Удачи, Арекс-сан! Жду РАНОК
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Reiji-RJ wrote:

СлоупокРейджи уже здесь!

MystykAMV's Caveat
fixed and was sent to me via irc, idk what were fixed and what were not

Bourdon's Unrest
didn't check, fixed one nc bug inside(thx aibat)

RJ's Riot
didn't check

Areks-san's Revolution
  1. 00:52:607 (6,7) - странный ритм, по-моему.. нет, все так и задумано~

Удачи, Арекс-сан! Жду РАНОК
Спасибо за мод! Particularly updated!
MystykAMV's Caveat
  1. 01:36:201 (5) - I see you love symmetry, but I'd split it into 2/1 slider, note and one more 2/1 slider; follows better IMO
  2. 01:52:607 — eh, you missed a good clap. Also, the same note about splitting
  3. 01:54:482 (2) - looks bad because is placed too close to previous long slider; either stop using symmetry for a moment or consider doing what Reiji suggested
  4. 02:18:857 (3) - one grid left for complete symmetry (lol)
  5. 03:03:857 (3) - put clap on the beginning instead of end?
  6. 04:31:982 (6) - I think you should have clap here instead of finish (apply it to the beginning of 04:32:451 (1))

Bourdon's Unrest
  1. 00:39:326 (5) - add a note here and start slider itself at 00:39:482. Also I'm pretty sure it needs a finish at the end
  2. 02:25:419 (1) - I'd like to see it matching the first part of 02:24:013 (4). In other words, move its central and right waypoints a bit up:
  3. 02:32:451 (2) - add clap to the end?
  4. 02:54:951 (1) - add finish
  5. 03:17:451 (1) - remove clap?
  6. 03:28:701 (1) - and again, ^ (it doesn't sound nice, in my opinion)
  7. 04:02:451 (1,2) - (before / after)
  8. 04:21:201 (1) - add finish
  9. 04:24:013 (4) - remove clap from beginning? I find it odd

RJ's Riot
TR 3 is nice because of 1/3, yeahh.
  1. 00:09:951 (1) - add finish?
  2. 00:39:794 (5) - sounds better with whistle on (the same goes for other similar moments)
  3. Remove these inherited offsets in the very end since you don't need them

I'm sorry to say that, but I'm so freaking bored to see the same patterns being copied and pasted all the way. All the way, man.

  1. 03:06:201 (1) - разве так можно?
  2. 04:04:326 (1,2,3,4) - хорошо бы заменить на стопки 1/3, чтобы оживить игру

Некоторые даблы можно положить парами, а не в стопку, чтобы было смешней играть (если, конечно, это инс). Заодно подумай насчет тикрейта 3, как у RJ, думаю, он подойдёт.
Reiji-RJ and TicClick: at first I didn't change that 1/3 slider in the V shaped slider, but since both of you complained about it I changed it. I pretty much changed everything you told both told me. TicClick, I'm not sure if I did in the way you told me (about 2/1 note and 2/1), but I tried, so I hope that's what you suggested :P thanks you!

MystykAMV wrote:

TicClick, I'm not sure if I did in the way you told me (about 2/1 note and 2/1), but I tried, so I hope that's what you suggested :P thanks you!
I can't see your diff with mods applied yet, but this is what I was talking about (posting just to make sure):
Topic Starter
my bad, forgot to upload :/

TicClick wrote:

MystykAMV wrote:

TicClick, I'm not sure if I did in the way you told me (about 2/1 note and 2/1), but I tried, so I hope that's what you suggested :P thanks you!
I can't see your diff with mods applied yet, but this is what I was talking about (posting just to make sure):
okay then, that's what I did :P
I see the previous mods are in the process of being applied, so I'm sorry for any outdated suggestions.

MystykAMV's Caveat

  • 00:47:451 (1) - This circle overlaps the HP bar a little, the combo should be moved downward a little.
    01:54:482 (2) - Slider seems a little off in an otherwise symmetrical beatmap.
    03:02:451 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - Breaks the clap pattern.
    04:31:982 (6) - ^
    04:54:482 (6) - Stylistical suggestion: out of all sliders put on the "riff", this and 01:54:482 (2) are the only two ones that aren't straight.

Bourdon's Unrest

  • 00:39:326 (5) - Should definitely start on 00:39:482 to match the riff.
    01:39:951 (1,2) - This overlap would be better if the slider start was fully visible.
    04:17:451 (1) - Very confusing, especially without snaking sliders...
    03:17:451 (1) - Shouldn't be a clap.
    03:28:701 (1) - ^

RJ's Riot
As mentioned before, this difficulty is rather repetitive.

  • 01:32:451 (1,2,3,4,5) - This reoccuring pattern doesn't feel nice, and only gets changed near the end of the beatmap.

Not difficult enough to deserve AR9, I recommend dropping it by one.

  • 00:39:951 (8) - Better off without this circle.
    02:58:701 (2) - Could be made smoother without the red points, seems off.
    03:06:201 (1) - Too confusing, slider start and end shouldn't overlap.
    03:24:951 (1,2,3,4,5) - Spacing doesn't seem consistent.
    04:16:357 - This spot feels like it's missing a hit circle.

The set is relatively well-made, looking forward to seeing it ranked!
Fixed some minor stuff.

The difficulty is supposed to be repetitive - I don't think repetitiveness is a bad thing when it reflects repetitiveness in the song, seeing as a map is supposed to represent the song as closely as possible.
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all diffs were updated!
Hi Aleks and others :)

  1. It's kinda weird to see Hard have larger circle size in a mapset. I suggest reduce circle size on Hard and make Easiest diff has large circle size so the circle size spread become good.
  2. Sliderslide are silenced right? But i see you're not using 44bytes .wav. Please use this to prevent issues from soundcard >

MystykAMV's Caveat
  1. Be careful with overlap in easiest diff since it can confuse some beginner. In your next map i suggest you avoid as much as overlap as posibble.
  2. 00:58:232 (5) - The slider end is not following anything. Following your previous rythim and to make it consistant, i suggest you delete this slider and replace it with a circle. I know it will break the symetry so try to use another pattern. Or you can reduce this slider length by 1/3 to follow vocal more accurate.
  3. 01:13:232 (4) - Same as above.
  4. 02:08:544 (3) - Umm, nazi, but move the end point of this slider 1 grid left to make it more symetrical with slider 1.
  5. 02:18:857 (3) - Hmm, i think it's better to change this slider into repeating slider. Make the repeat at 02:19:794-. It will follow the music better rather than just long slider.
  6. 04:02:451 (1) - Reduce this spinner length by 1/1 please. The spinner end is not following anything thus it's weird to hear.
  7. 04:06:201 (1) - How about adding a finish in this slider start? It will good to hear since it's the beginning of the chorus.
  8. 04:23:076 (5) - This combo is quite long for easy diff. How about adding a new combo here?

Bourdon's Unrest
  1. 00:39:482 (5) - The clap sounds is quite loud and not good to hear at this spot imo. I prefer removing the clap.
  2. 01:05:732 (3,4) - Hmm, this note is kinda surprise me. So far, this is the only rythim that has 2 note in same rythim. I think it's not consistant. So, how about just make this slider and circle into 1 long slider like your previous and other rythim.
  3. 02:30:107 (3) - The clap sound at this slider end is supposed to be at the start instead.
  4. 02:39:013 (2) - Uh, the clap sound at this slider start really break your clap consistencies. Please remove it.
  5. 02:48:388 (2,3) - Hmm, sorry nazi, but this slider is not stacked properly. Please stack it more properly.

RJ's Riot
  1. As mentioned before, i suggest increasing the circle size of this difficulty by 1.
  2. Hmm, i agree with other, so much copy pasting is not good imo. But that's okay, just personal oppinion.
  3. 00:26:826 (5) - How about a whistle here? It have same beat with 00:24:951 (1) - and synchronize with the next whistle at 7 too. So it will be nice to hear.
  4. 00:34:325 (6) - Same as above.
  5. 01:31:513 (7) - According your clap pattern, there supposed to be clap at this slider end.
  6. 01:46:513 (8) - ^
  7. 02:12:138 (4) - Hmm, finish at this slider repeat is supposed to be at 02:11:357 (3) - if i follow your previous finish sound. It's more good there.
  8. 02:16:044 (1) - I think you should continue your vocal oriented part here. It's just too sudden and it's not good. So make this slider start 1/3 earlier.
  9. 02:26:357 (3) - Same as 02:12:138 (4) -
  10. 02:31:044 (1) - Same as 02:16:044 (1) -
  11. 02:46:513 (8) - Clap here at slider end., same reason as above.
  12. 02:55:888 (2) - Hmm, i think you should add clap at this slider end to make clap rythim more consistant.
  13. 03:01:513 (8) - Clap here at slider end.
  14. 03:29:951 (5) - Hmm, i suggest you add whistle here at slider end to make whistle rythim more consistant and good to hear.
  15. 03:44:951 (5) - Put whistle at this slider repeat please, same reason as above.
  16. 03:46:357 - How about adding a note overhere? I think it will make the note follow the rythim more good.
  17. 04:12:763 (8) - Clap at slider end..
  18. 04:22:138 (3) - ^
  19. 04:27:763 (8) - ^
  20. 04:30:419 (4,5) - Umm, sorry nazi, but i think you need to move this slider 1 grid up so it can symetrical with slider 2.

  1. 00:40:419 (1,2) - Oh you do this again. It seems it's really your style. But please make this note stacked instead ;_;
  2. 00:42:763 (2) - ^
  3. 01:32:451 (1) - Hmm, how about add a clap at this slider end? I think it's have good synchronize with next clap pattern.
  4. Nothing else. This diff is really well made. Nice job ><

Alright, that's all for now. :3
Since the map is very good feel free to call me back about 1-2 more mod ><
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