RMoT Invitational #5

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Heyyyyyyyyyy! It's time to get into yet another RMoT Invitational!
A Quick Rundown
This is an invitational tournament. The rank limit is 15.000 to 70.000 and ONLY the invited people are allowed participation.
It will be a 1v1, Team VS, double elimination, osu! standard tournament, Score V2 tournament.
The tournament will be traditionally seeded, with the PP being locked in one week before the tournament.
This will NOT be a "rapid" tournament, it will be held over two weekends. It will go from the 12th of May to the 27th.
Joining the Discord server at least for the duration of the tournament is necessary.
How to sign up
You don't. This is more or less a... formality?
Prize sheet
Prizes are doubled for the invitational + a profile badge for the winner (if we get it approved)
Who gets invited?
This will be a 16 player tournament.
The invited people are Top 4 players of the last 4 Rapid Monthly osu! Tournaments.
Currently invited people:

RMoT 17

RMoT 18
Well Halen

RMoT 19
_Suzuha (Filler)

RMoT 20
iTzAshraf (Filler)

Klein- and Nogad refused their participation in the tournament of their own volition, therefore we require two extra fillers.

What is filler?
Filler is a problem we have, because _Suzuha and iTzAshraf, as the gods that they are, got Top 4 multiple times.
So because they take up more than one spot, we need to get others to fill in the empty spots.
But, how do we do that?
This is how we decided who is going to be filler.
1. The Filler must have reached Quarterfinals in any of the above mentioned RMoT's at least once.
2. Number of times reached Quarterfinals
3. Number of times participated in the RMoT
4. Current PP

The selected fillers are:
High filler:
My Angel Erwin

Low filler:

High filler = The players have reached QF once and have participated 4 times.
Low filler = The player has reached QF once and has participated 2 times.
12th of May - Round of 16
13th of May - Quarterfinals and Losers Round 1
19th of May - Semifinals and Losers Round 2
20th of May - Finals and Losers Round 3 and 4
26th of May - Losers Semifinals and Losers Finals
27th of May - Grand Finals
Referees will be present in all the matches.
We will do out best to stream all of the matches.
Failing the map equals a round loss and a point for the opponent.
Losing the match equals you being knocked into the losers bracket, as the tournament is a double elimination tournament.
If you lose again, you're knocked out of the tournament.
Each player can pick a warmup; it only has to be less than 4 minutes long.
In FreeMod there must be a mod in use. Refusing to pick a mod equals in you losing the MATCH.
In Tiebreaker you can use a mod, but you can keep it without a mod as well.
Eligible mods are: Easy, Flashlight, Hard Rock and Hidden.
Match structure
1. The referee makes the room and invites the players
2. !roll for points
3. Winner picks first warmup
4. Loser picks second warmup
5. Loser bans first map
6. Winner bans second map
7. Winner picks first map
8. Loser picks second map
9. This continues until a player reaches the necessary amount of points
10. Tiebreaker is played, if necessary

RO16, LR1 = BO5
QF, SF, LR2, LR3 = BO7
F, LR4, LRS = BO9
GF, LRF = BO11

Good luck to all invited participants!
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The tournament has been succesfully concluded.

These were our winners:
1st Prosdokies
2nd Well Halen
3rd KoloMl
4th _Suzuha

We also hosted a prediction game for the tournament:
1st Olii
2nd MaIson
3rd Poke_player

An enormous thank you to everyone that helped and to all that participated.
Stupid Idiot
As usual, good luck to all participants!
oh fuk imma nut to dat ass bg thanks <3
P a t r i c k
How I can get to this tournament?

Losolka wrote:

How I can get to this tournament?
You can't unless you're invited. Think about reading the post before asking questions :>
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