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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 1:09:44 AM

Artist: Wisp X
Title: Frozen Leaves
Tags: electronic instrumental chillstep featured artist osu! marathon jumps
BPM: 100
Filesize: 9506kb
Play Time: 05:09
Difficulties Available:
  1. Algid (4.92 stars, 890 notes)

Download: Wisp X - Frozen Leaves
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


4/30/18 - submitted
5/2/18 - responded to mods by xDololow; removed whistle from note just before final spinner; actually just removed note just before final spinner; fixed random red line
5/8/18 - responded to mods by Pozy and Apo11o; fixed some missing whistles
5/10/18 - silenced some sliderends during the first few minutes
5/12/18 - responded to mods by -Laura-
5/16/18 - responded to mods by Niva
5/17/18 - changed slow violin section to follow the violin instead of switching to the keyboard halfway through; fixed missing clap
5/21/18 - responded to mods by Risen; silenced sliderends during the new violin part from the last update
5/25/18 - responded to mods by pimpG; ; edited part at 00:48:129 and got rid of the changing SV for the sake of consistency; moved hitcircle at 00:52:479 up and to the left so Akitoshi stops feeling so cramped; responded to mods by Chekito; will require redownload
5/29/18 - responded to mods by realy0_
6/1/18 - responded to mods by ScubDomino; added soft-hitnormal for use at the beginning; silenced awkward sliderticks during violin section
6/5/18 - fixed some objects that had missing/incorrect hitsounds
7/8/18 - adjusted locations of some stacked objects to compensate for the stacking
8/11/18 - fixed a missing finish sound on the start of the second kiai
10/30/18 - revive updong; responded to mods from GreenHue
12/12/18 - fixed some slider tail over👏s


About The Map

I started making this map on April 20th, 2018, at 2:03 AM. I found the song after voting for the summer fanart contest, since a song from Wisp X was used as the background music for the showcase video. I looked through Wisp X's music and liked how Frozen Leaves sounded. Plus, it sounded like it was begging for some 200 BPM jumps.

When I was making the map, my first goal was making it flow together well. I wanted the player to be able to predict where the next note was going to be. Wisp X says that Frozen Leaves is a chill song, so I thought a map that you could just turn your brain off and play would be fitting. About a minute into the map, I realized that it was kind of boring. Felt like I was playing some old jump practice map made by Monstrata. So I mixed things up in the beginning with slightly-varying slider speeds. In the end, I instead used varying jump patterns. In another attempt to keep things engaging, I tried not to map sections in the same way, since the song "restarts" after the kiai time and repeats some melodies.

The water droplet sound gave me the idea of the "cursor launching" thing I had during some sections. If you had a 1/4 slider with a silenced end that pointed directly to some jumps -- congrats. You found the thing I'm talking about. I like the effect created by using that sound as a cue for launching your cursor across the screen, though it can be a pain in the ass when the launch is so large that it makes you miss the sliderend. Fortunately, I didn't have that problem with this map.

With all things said and done, I'm satisfied with the balance I found. The map isn't boring, but it also isn't intense enough that you have to constantly focus. It might serve well as a warming up and/or winding down map.

At the very least, it gave me something I enjoyed doing as a nice distraction from final exams and everything that comes with them.
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