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Should I stay?

No, you suck!
5.13% 2
10.26% 4
Who are you....?
58.97% 23
12.82% 5
I don't care
12.82% 5
Total votes: 39
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I'm possibly gonna be retiring from playing osu! (or maybe retiring from playing for ranks) in the near future.

This is for a few reasons:

1. I'm becoming very depressed due to IRL issues and it's affecting my focus and ability to play the game in a negative way.

2. TF2 is starting to attract my attention as a new game to play competitively, due to the fact that it's a more level playing field and you don't always have to be playing at your absolute best peak performance every time in order to progress even slightly.

As for what I think of each gamemode, I will sum it up for each in a sentence or two.

Catch - Not too hard, but the meta of low CS paired with high AR is really obnoxious to play and honestly, it gets kinda boring seeing almost every rain diff be CS=>4.2 AR>9

Mania - WAYYYYY too high skill curve for 4K. PP system is honestly annoying, it doesn't favor maps with hard or stamina draining patterns, but instead favors primarily jumptrills, making it feel like you didn't deserve your ranks and you just happened to play an easy pp map for almost every good score you set.

Taiko - Pretty cool, I like how the skill curve isn't so sharp, so it doesn't really feel like you hit "walls" too often, and when you do hit a wall, it's usually not too hard to get past. The only thing holding this game mode back is the miss reduction, which isn't too bad on shorter maps and is actually kinda fair in that case, but on longer marathon maps, the flat reduction for each miss can really make most marathon maps worthless as far as pp and not feel fun to play.

Standard - Standard is pretty interesting, you see, I quite like standard, but I also don't like it. I think the gameplay in standard is interesting, and what mappers can do in this mode is absolutely amazing; however, there is one thing that kinda ruins it for me: PP. PP is completely broken and favors DT on short jump maps, making other maps that are more difficult to read or that require more consistency rather than just constant jump spam be unviable for ranking up.

Don't worry tho, whatever the case, I won't quit entirely, I still plan to keep mapping until the end of time :3
go for it bro, full time mapping is generally the better choice if you want to take it seriously.

- [ Nizzy ] - wrote:

go for it bro, full time mapping is generally the better choice if you want to take it seriously.
I still gotta testplay my maps tho :3
You do you, it’s ok to take a break. I just play for fun with my friends mostly, and I feel like that’s much more rewarding than playing for rank. Full support whatever you do.
Why would you quit? Just play when you want to play.
About standart, i agree what you say. But also you're not forced to play for PP or rank up. You're free to play what you want and how you want.

ManuelOsuPlayer wrote:

Why would you quit? Just play when you want to play.
Tf2 is dead! Stay playing osu u nob
TF2 is still alive? Can't find any server besides 2fort for me sadly

also quitting because of pp mapping is really childish I think, you can ignore ranks and pp mapping kinda easily and just play the game. The game is a lot more free than what you think and ranking up isn't a necessary thing (haha only washed up players like me says this).
I don't give a shit about you playing osu or TF2, just play both lol what the fuck
although TF2 is a bit dead
also hope you get out of that depression chamber soon, I mean I believe you could
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