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Here we go~

*The new comboing is a bit inconsistent, but it's not too bad and it'd be a waste of time on everyone's part to nazi it even more.
*The kiai is technically "fine" right now, but I have some suggestions to improve it:
  1. 01:57:878 - End the kiai 1/4 before this and add a new section here (so that the whole chorus has two fountains since it's twice as long as the first).
  2. 03:10:331 - Same as the above.

01:01:841 (1) - Isn't correctly new combo'd after the previous spinner SG got it
01:21:652 (2) - It's a new phrase in the song, so I'd new combo this.
02:17:124 (1) - Isn't correctly new combo'd after the previous spinner SG strikes again
EDIT: 02:18:822 (1) - remove new combo and make 02:19:954 (2) NC instead (it looks weird that 02:17:124 (1) is a new combo by itself)
03:10:331 (3) - Expected this to be new combo'd like 01:57:878 (1) for the second half of the chorus.

*Easy has AR 2 and Hard has AR 7, so I'd suggest upping the AR from 4 to 5 here.
01:02:973 (5) - It always irks me when a new combo doesn't accompany kiai. Perhaps new combo this and remove the new combo on 01:04:105 (1)? I think that'd look a little bit better...
01:35:520 (1) - You could actually start this 1/4 earlier (and extend by 1/4) since the spinner should've been started on the white tick and it almost seems delayed after the previous note due to it.
03:26:180 (1) - I'd make this consistent with the other diffs and map this with notes/sliders, and THEN put a spinner where the subsequent break is.
03:37:218 (4,1) - Remove the break between these notes; it's unnecessary and looks weird.

00:44:010 (4,5,6) - This pattern is a bit too ambiguous... The first repeating slider only has one repeat, while the second has multiple; not to mention the hitburst from (5) covers the repeats on (6) making it a bit unrankable. I suggest changing the pattern to something like this instead: (obviously with closer spacing to fit the rest of the diff; thus the screenshot is just an example)
00:59:293 (1) - Start 1/4 earlier and extend 1/4 (same reasoning as in Normal)
01:19:671 (1) - ^
01:21:369 (1) - Isn't correctly new combo'd after the previous spinner SapphireGhoooooost
01:33:822 (3) - Interesting shape, but it bugs me that it's not symmetrical. Here's one I made if you want to replace it in the .osu: 348,192,93822,2,0,B|368:144|300:96|300:96|256:152|256:152|212:96|212:96|144:144|164:192,1,374.999988824129,0|4 Just open the .osu, search for the time "93822" without quotes, and replace the old slider with this. Then, inside the Editor, you can rotate it (hotkey ctrl+shift+r) -30 or -45 degrees and place it where the old one was!
01:35:520 (1) - Start 1/4 earlier and extend 1/4
01:38:633 (5) - I'd avoid multiple-repeating sliders where the second (and subsequent) repeat arrows are hidden in difficulties that aren't Insane, but I guess this one isn't as bad as the one I pointed out earlier. Perhaps replace this with someone else (and have whatever ends on the new measure be new combo'd).
01:56:180 (1,2) - Same as the above, but even more confusing since these have different numbers of repeats.
02:14:293 (4) - A kickslider inside of a stream is a bit too difficult for a Hard...
02:22:501 (8,9) - Varied repeats again; try replacing with someone less confusing!
02:56:463 (5) - new combo at the start of the kiai (same reasoning as one of the last diffs)
03:08:916 (2,3) - same as 2:22
*Overall, some parts of this diff felt more like an Insane (like SG pointed out), but I guess it's fine for now. Just try to avoid so many streams and kick sliders in Hard difficulties in the future!

[San's Insane]
00:40:897 (1) - The slidertick on this is partially hidden by the hitburst from 00:39:765 (4); therefore I thought this slider was 1.0x instead of 0.5x; please move one of them so that the slidertick is visible!
01:03:539 (8) - kiai starts here, so please new combo this (and remove NC from the next slider)!
01:57:312 (6) - NC and remove the next new combo
02:01:275 (1,2,3,4,5) - This would make more sense if (1) and (5) had the same number of repeats; how about removing 2 repeats from (1) and adding two notes to the stream?
02:14:718 (5,6) - Fine for an Insane, but I'd prefer if they had the same number of repeats (or maybe make them [part of?] a single-note stream)
02:34:105 (10) - Would look nicer if it ended in the center, especially because...
02:34:388 (1) - this should be moved back 1/4 and extended since it would've started on the white tick if it weren't for (10)
03:27:029 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - muuuuuch better (:
03:28:727 (1) - move back 1/4 and extend please
03:44:576 (1) - ^

Aaaaand that's it. Overall this mapset is pretty solid, so you should be good for ranking from me and SG after this~
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ok fixed)
Re-fixed some spinners (in Normal/Hard/Insane) and a hidden slider (in Insane) on IRC. Rebubbled!
Derek and I consider this to be acceptable now. Done in less than a lifetime (barely).
Now we can all get some sleep. Goodnight!
gratz~! :3
Поздравляю. Ты долго к этому шла :3

Well you're a fast one, congrats on the rank ~
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thx ^^
Ух ты, поздравляю с ранком :)
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Пасиб Диль :3
Грац C:
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Thx lalalik :3
Wow, that was hard at the end. xD
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Thx ^^
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тебе спасибо)
Papa Roach :) <3
Your First time!

Congratulations! ♥
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