[Archived] Osu! Skins make my PC Freeze at BM start

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Problem Details:

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

-Cant provide since there is no way for me to record it since i have to turn off the PC to do ANYTHING- No Error messages pop up.

osu! version: 20180416.4 (latest)
So a little bit of backstory-

At some point a few month ago my Osu decided to get freaky, when i started playing beatmaps like any other day the audio started to freak out while loading the beatmap. The sound just repeated over and over again. That went on for about.. 30 seconds to a minute, after that everything was okay and i could play the game. I thought it was some problem with an update so i didnt give it much attention.

but recently the game went Terminator after that audio glitch. Meaning that after the audio glitch suddenly my pc starts to cramp up. first i cannot acces the toolbar or open any other window like the task manager. Not even with crtl+esc or crtl+alt+deleate NOTHING WORKS, after that my already running windows (like my browser Opera that was open just dies, like even if i had a video running on it it would just stop, audio still playing and later even that dies out.) start not to work anymore.

At this point i am unable to do anything, the taunting music of the beatmap that i wanted to play starts to get to the end aswell and i sit there wondering what i did wrong in life to deserve that...

So i am forced to suffocate my poor PC by pressing and holding the power button.

No Error messages, no bluescreen NOTHING.

I tried:

-Reinstalling Osu! 3 times
-Using Osu! Repair tool
-EVERY Osu build that i could choose in the Repair menu
-Many of the tips that i found on this page like capping FPS to 60 or switching to openGL and stuff...
-Updating drivers
-Reinstalling drivers
-Closing all windows in the background before starting Osu!.
-Praying to God.
-Praying to the other Gods
-Praying to Jesus from the Hardware store.

My Specs are:

Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz
Haswell 22nm Technologie

16,0GB Dual Kanal DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)


W2343 (1920x1080@59Hz)
4095 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (CardExpert Technology)

1863GB Seagate ST2000DX001-1CM164 (SATA)
232GB Samsung SSD 750 EVO 250GB (SSD)

Optische Laufwerke

Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM)

Your Audio output device being recognized as a Voice changer is concerning... Maybe you should get rid of it or disable / change it.

But it sounds like something is hanging either due to a driver issue, or conflict of some kind, it's hard to say. Make sure all your drivers are updated, and that are working correctly.

Also look in Event Viewer for any possible logs on any errors.
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Hello there Dnt!

My game works again!!!

I deinstalled the Voice Changer in the Manager and also checked for drivers again, seemed like i missed one! it was a really small download of an audio driver.
And now the bugs from before are completly gone!

Thanks for the Tipp!


Okay the problem is NOT completly gone...
Well its kind off but:

As soon as i install a skin into the game the freezes start happening again. Same as before. Now one might say "well just play without skins then" wich is the obvious and quick solution ...
But skins give this game a nicer look, also the different kind of see through sliders and smaller cursors make playing and seeing stuff easier (at least in my opinion)

... so anyone got an idea how to fix THAT?!
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Does noone have a solution to this?
was this after you paused and quit the beat map?
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I cannot even Pause or Quit the beatmap, it freezes right after it shifts from the beatmap selection to the actual beatmap. No matter what i do i am not able to close osu after that. I was able to tab out once but soon after the pc froze completly again and i had to "suffocate shutdown"

Now as i said this happens ONLY if a Skin other than the standard game skin is selected. i tried some to see if it is only specific skins but either i only downloaded skins that dont work or it is the skins in general.
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Bitte helft mir doch >.<
Close osu! and inside your osu! folder edit the file "osu!.pcname.cfg", set the line HighResolution equal to 0 and LowResolution equal to 1. Save and restart.

Let's see if this does anything.
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Death wrote:

Close osu! and inside your osu! folder edit the file "osu!.pcname.cfg", set the line HighResolution equal to 0 and LowResolution equal to 1. Save and restart.

Let's see if this does anything.
Nope, still crashes as soon as the beatmap is supposed to start...
Can you post the crash log?
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Where do i find the crash log?
Follow this guide.
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okay i tried it out but it does not find anything about osu... maybe its because its not really the game crashing, but my pc freezing completly and then i have to cut the power because it wont let me shut down any other way.

though i have 2 errors that occured while the pc crashed...

The first one was from OVRServicelauncher:
[LauncherService] Unable to launch: There is no active interactive user session.
- System

- Provider

[ Name] OVRServiceLauncher

- EventID 0

[ Qualifiers] 0

Level 2

Task 0

Keywords 0x80000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2018-05-25T18:56:11.991066900Z

EventRecordID 3762

Channel Application

Computer Paik-PC


and the second one was from spellchecker?

- System

- Provider

[ Name] Microsoft-Windows-SpellChecker
[ Guid] {B2FCD41F-9A40-4150-8C92-B224B7D8C8AA}

EventID 33

Version 0

Level 2

Task 4

Opcode 0

Keywords 0x2000000000000000

- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime] 2018-05-25T18:58:27.515490700Z

EventRecordID 3806


- Execution

[ ProcessID] 11192
[ ThreadID] 9968

Channel Application

Computer Paik-PC

- Security

[ UserID] S-1-5-21-823359584-214419610-2289767565-1001

- EventData

First http
Second http
hr -2147467263

idk if that is any help though... both happend about 2 minutes from each other..
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Guess its time for another push because this still needs fixing >.<
Those logs don't have anything to do with osu!. There is a difference between the game crashing and your computer freezing, so that is probably why you didn't find anything. If you don't mind, try skipping the filter step from the guide I sent you and just searching the unfiltered results.
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